EMC Assignment

6 June 2016

The three human skills are planning, having strategy and leadership. The MAA can use planning to help establish and discover where an organization is at the present time. They can also use planning to determine where it should be in the future, its future state. Planning will show them how to move forward to reach that future state. The reason planning is such an aspect to the MAA is because it will help them to prepare for the outcome of their jobs. Whether it is a bad or good outcome. Why the planning of activities within the medical office is important for the MAA?

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The planning of activities is very important because to the MAA because this why they can inform students and their families of what is going on. It also helps them to offer services to people and to expand their business. The MAA is also able to establish the funds and time for the activities. It’s an opportunity for them MAA to participate in the planning of activities to. How the concept of “empowerment” can make you more effective in your dealings with colleagues in the medical office?

Empowerment gives authority in the business the higher your position the more power you have. Empowerment can make me more effective in my dealings with colleagues in the medical office by knowing how high their position is. So I know where I stand on the power platform. It will also make me want to work harder to get to a higher position. I know that the higher my position the higher my power is. I also know that my position in the company helps to promote the company on the way I do my job.

With good knowledge about your job and your responsibilities you can make a great difference in a company’s outcome. The better your performance the better chance for your boss to notice your ability with the company. The better the ability with the company the higher the job opportunity. The higher the job opportunity the better chance to be able to help make final decisions on important factors for the company.

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