Emergency Management Services

4 April 2015
A critical analysis of emergency management services in the event of natural disaster.

This paper examines local, state and federal responsibility in maintaining emergency management services in preparation for natural disaster. A tornado is used as an example to demonstrate the varying levels of responsibility involved. An analysis of New York City’s level of readiness is presented.
Emergency management departments throughout the nation train year round in preparation for natural disasters. The more prepared the emergency management operation is in any town the more prepared, protected and secure the town residents feel. Emergency management holds responsibilities at several government levels in any disaster. The local, state and federal emergency management teams work together to coordinate the most effective and thorough plan possible in the event a natural disaster occurs.
In the event of a tornado in Pleasant Town USA the emergency management office has several avenues it must travel to ensure all of its responsibilities are met. The federal, state and local teams all have connections and interactions with each other when a natural disaster occurs. The extent of the involvement of the state and federal offices is directly dependent on the amount of damage being done by the natural disaster. If a tornado hit Pleasant Town USA several things would occur at each level.”

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