Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman

4 April 2015
This paper compares and contrasts two poems composed by Dickinson and Whitman.

The writer compares the work of Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson to draw similarities as well as differences in the styles, the tones and the themes of the poems. The paper shows how the poems have similarities in rhythm, pattern and theme, and yet they differ in delivery and context. Each is about pain and loneliness while they diverge in whether that loneliness causes anger or sadness for the narrator.
“Walt Whitman was known for his ability to put prose into action and make the reader feel that they too share the narrator’s body, mind and soul. His words whisper across a page and enter the depth of the reader’s heart before the brain even realizes what the words have actually said. One of his most well loved works was Crossing Brooklyn Ferry in which the reader is given a peek into the soul and depth of pain that Whitman suffered through while he reflected and analyzed his own life. It was well known that many of his works were autobiographical in nature and this poem was another example of the things he lived and felt as he graced the world with his talent. Emily Dickinson was also known for her ability to spell out pain and emotion in the form of a poem. Her loneliness and depression are commonly accepted facts at this point in history but the way she displayed them gave the world classic words of pride to enjoy for all time. Her work often reflected the same type of deep and inner longing for connections to the world that Whitman wrote in his works.”

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