Eminem- Relapse

11 November 2019

When arguably one of the most controversial as well as iconic rappers of our time released an album entitled “Encore”, many rap music enthusiasts saw it as a retirement album. The album’s cover had the rapper bowing towards an audience, as a “thank you and good-bye” gesture.
For almost five years, the world didn’t hear from him until a rumor slip.
He was coming back.
The hype around the confirmed new release was tremendous, and after some delays, the CD finally hit the stores.
I’m talking about none other than the (in)famous Eminem and his newly released album entitled “Relapse”.
Eminem has always been known for his edgy and rough style that, naturally enough, doesn’t fall well with everyone. “Relapse” is no exception. He’s cocky, he’s cool and he’s deliberately annoying. Being the politically incorrect and a rude rapper, he isn’t shy at taking several hits at superstars such as Mariah Carey. What’s really impressive is that he takes criticism and forms it into topics to rap about. The biggest critique has always been that all Eminem can do is whine and complain about his past, his present and his future. And this, he uses in his skit, a conversation between him and Steve Berman, the president of marketing at Interscope.
A rapper significantly different than others, Eminem makes sure not to take himself too seriously. Often, the hardest and most cruel mockery is not directed at anyone other than himself and his egos.
However, just like Eminem’s earlier albums, there is a deeper meaning hidden within the tracks. The listener is exposed to a vulnerable Eminem that speaks about an out of control drug use problem. What’s even more admirable is his courage to put himself in the spotlight and openly admit that he’s been walking the same road as his mother, a drug addict who he has despised for years, explaining that he’s forming into her. Tracks like “Beautiful” have an addictive beat and give the album a unique voice.

On the contrary, “Relapse” is not near the high standard that Eminem’s earlier albums stand upon, and often, it’s hard to take Eminem seriously. The tone and accent that Eminem uses often gives a nauseating feeling and the album radiates more of a gimmick vibe than anything else. It’s a shame because Eminem has all the talent to drop an “out-of-this-world” album, and he has a lot on his heart that would interest the public.
Despite weaknesses in the album, Eminem can deliver and a “Relapse 2” is said to be already in the making, which is great news for rap fans that are eagerly waiting to see what more Eminem can bring to the table.
“A lot of people ask me, where the **** I’ve been at the last few years
**** I don’t know, But I do know – I’m back now.”
-“Underground” from Relapse

Eminem- Relapse Essay Example

And that is good news for all rap fans.
Welcome back Eminem, welcome back!

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