Eminem –

7 July 2019

Rap artists around the world better watch out because Eminem is back! His last album, “Relapse,” was a huge disappointment, but after flushing the drugs from his system, Eminem has come out with one of his best albums yet, “Recovery.” It is full of great analogies and punch lines, the beats are breathtaking, and he gets other great artists to sing with him.

One reason “Recovery” is amazing is the anger and passion Eminem puts in his songs. That passion gets to you, making you begin to feel for him. “Recovery” is hands down the best rap album out right now.

Eminem – Essay Example

My favorite is “No Love,” a rap version of “What Is Love” by Haddaway. Eminem raps along with Lil Wayne about tough love. The combination of these two works great; their voices blend beautifully, and I love how they organized each other’s parts. I also like the chorus, which gives the song more meaning.

Another fan favorite is “Love the Way You Lie,” featuring Rihanna, who begins with a catchy chorus followed with a rap verse by Eminem. The beat is fantastic and portrays the emotion perfectly. The song is about the roller coaster relationship between Eminem and his wife. In the song he explains his love for his wife, but says that the more he loves her, the more he suffers. The best songs come from the heart and soul, and “Love the Way You Lie” is purely from the soul.

“Recovery” is definitely one to get. I guarantee you will be pleased.

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