Emotional Expression and Gender Influence

4 April 2015
A study of how the different sexes express emotion.

This paper examines the gender differences of the two sexes and the conceptual paradigm that rules them. It describes marked difference in the emotional expression of men and women and the masculine mask. The author writes that we are now aware that boys tend to have a highly developed right brain whereas girls have a well-developed left brain.
Table of Contents
The Brain
The Sociological Pressure (Emotion and its Expression)
“There has been increasing amount of research devoted to discerning the role of gender and its influence in the emotional response to a particular situation. These researches have added weight to the presumption that the structural differences of the cerebral cortex has a substantial influence in triggering emotional responses and the differing reactions in men and women to an external stimuli. Let us have a brief outlook of the psychological and biological effects that contribute to the differing emotional responses (in men and women) and the scientific explanation for the same.”
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