Emotional Turmoil in Pablo Neruda’s Poems in the Winter Garden

4 April 2015
An examination of several poems from Pablo Neruda’s collection.

This paper discusses five poems extracted from the book, namely: `Homecomings,` `A Dog Has Died,` `The Lost Ones Of The Forest,` `The Ocean Calls,` and `Many Thanks.` This paper analyzes each poem and discusses what underlying message each poem has for the reader. At the end of the analysis, the researcher establishes the stance that Pablo Neruda’s poems deeply reflect an individual’s emotional struggles, and Neruda voices out this feeling by personifying nature, making them almost life-like, and lets them participate and bear witness to these struggles. This thesis is also supported through an evaluative study of the poems, through a reflection and analysis of the content and flow of though of the poet.
`The book `Winter Garden` is a collection of poems that were found and published after Neruda’s death. Pablo Neruda, a pseudonym for Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto, is a Chilean poet who is known for his poems that evokes political and social contemplation.

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He is also a Marxist, and always extends his massage (through his poems) the unjust treatment and struggles of hid fellow Chileans as they try to achieve social freedom and equality. In his collection of poems in the Winter Garden, it is remarkable that much of the poems contemplate emotional struggle or turmoil, while depicting or associating these struggles with nature or any element in the environment. `

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