7 July 2018

This handout is intended to: 1 . Help you identify the employability skills you have developed and practiced wrought your academic study and wider university life whilst at MIMIC. 2. Provide you with a prompt list to help you identify your own examples of your skills to use on applications and your C.V..

How your academic work has given you employability skills. MUM encourages all students to become “autonomous learners”.This means teaching is structured to encourage you to take responsibility for your own learning I. E. C] Work independently C] Priorities CLC Manage your time efficiently C] Be self-motivating Know how to find and use resources effectively CLC Reflect on your personal development and understand the importance of intuition to develop your skills beyond university and throughout life. PDP helps with this process) You have developed and practiced skills through the teaching methods used at MILL: In Lectures: L] Listening and concentrating for extended periods C] Sorting, sifting and summarizing information C] Recording and organizing information efficiently In Classes, Seminars and Tutorials: CLC Speaking clearly and fluently C] Arguing a case in a reasoned manner 0 Making presentations [l Thinking on your feet C] Considering differing viewpoints and responding appropriately In Essay and Report Writing:C] F-ending relevant information from a range of sources C] Identifying key issues CLC Writing clearly and to the point C] understanding complex arguments and theories Keeping an open mind 0 Thinking logically L] Structuring and developing an argument C] Critically analyzing and evaluating evidence and arguments In Project Work C] Creating and following a plan L] Maintaining motivation C] Keeping to a time schedule C] Anticipating problems In Group Work Managing your time C] Delegating 0 Taking responsibility Supporting other team members C] Understanding team dynamics and responding appropriately L]Understanding your own role, strengths and weaknesses in a team D Holding your ground Being persuasive CLC Negotiating C] Respecting and being sensitive to others Employers frequently ask for some or all of the following skills.

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Listed are examples Of situations where you may have used them in academic study or wider university life.

Use it as a prompt list to identify your own examples to use in applications. Commercial awareness – understanding the key factors that contribute to an organization’s success e. G. Providing a quality product; good customer service; well-trained, motivated staff; controlling costs.Examples of evidence: C] Quantify any role you have had in raising or handling money e. G. Fundraising for an event or charity, acting as treasurer for a society.

For example, “l acted as treasurer for an event that raised El 000 to help support . ” C] Reading the business sections of the press on a regular basis њ Work experience in customer service CLC Raising sponsorship for any purpose from commercial organizations II In work experience, making suggestions that have improved a service or increased efficiency ј Dissertation – any references to commercial applications or relevance. Key words for the application form:Forward thinker; risk taker; entrepreneurial; professional; strategic Teamwork – working effectively with other people Examples of evidence: CLC Any situation where you work alongside others to achieve an agreed outcome e. G. Committees, events organizing, music-making (bands, choirs etc), drama, sports Just about any paid/voluntary work involves working in a team. CLC Academic group work – see above 3 Key words for the application form: Supportive; facilitator; open-minded; diplomatic; tolerant; reasonable; constructive; leadership; influencing; co-ordination; Commitment/motivation – demonstrating a determination to be successful.Examples of evidence: C Overcoming difficulties to come to university C] using PDP effectively to improve your skills – academic skills or preparing for a particular career or employment sector would be good examples to use.

CLC Duke of Edinburgh: Young Enterprise: any competition successes or prizes. C] Campaigning/fundraising Training, or working on a skill, over the long term to achieve an ambition or goal e. G. Training from scratch to run a marathon. Reliable; conscientious; proactive; initiative; flexible; adaptable; determined; positive Problem solving/creativity – having a “can do” attitude by finding lotions to problems.Examples of evidence: C Anticipating problems and resolving them through planning e. G.

Project work, planning travel overseas, Resolving financial problems ? personal, or fundraising for a club, raising money to fund an activity e. G. To participate in charity work overseas. C Solving problems through negotiation or representation ? acting as student rep; resolving problems over accommodation with landlord or playmates; resolving disagreements in group work 0 Finding novel or innovative solutions to problems e. . Devising new methods of fundraising; new ideas or promoting an activity, or encouraging participation in an academic activity; ideas leading to greater efficiency in your workplace (paid or voluntary); novel ways of promoting yourself to find work placements. Key words for the application form: Achiever; practical; astute; open-minded; resilient; imaginative; reflective; initiator Communication – ensuring you are understood by writing or speaking in a clear and articulate manner.

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