The Internet or the World Wide Web plays a major part In all commercial organizations because the Internet is the new and faster way of distributing informatiorn The Internet is the new yellow pages and anyone who wants the world to know his or her company exist he or she should build a domain on the World Wide Web for the business. The new wave of the future Is forcing all competitive companies to have Internet access from their locations. The other affect that the internet has on companies is that the companies have to equip their employees with ccess to Internet so they can maintain communication between another and customers.

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This has also forced companies to create rules to monitor how employees use these resources. Electronic privacy policies At the location I am currently work at Internet Is an important tool. Without Internet we would not be able to help customers appropriately and communication within one another. Every employee ay my Job Is Issued an email address, Internet user I. D, and phone extension. Each employee is required to sign an electronic private policy ocument, by signing the document the company will have the rights to any email that every employee has sent or receive on a company email address.

The policy will also allow the company to monitor every employers Internet activity if it wishes to do so. The company can also place certain sites on a black-list that prohibits the Internet user to visiting the sites. If the Internet user visits a site on the black-list an Image will appear on the screen warning the user that the site Is part of a black-list and how multiple attempts will force the system to notify a supervisor about the behavior. These rules are implemented to monitor workers’ productivity thought out the day because Internet is our main resource.

Internet privacy Some Internet privacy laws companies Implement are simple, there Is no privacy. Most company’s use shared data-bases where all Information Is encrypted to a hard drive. using a shared hard drive will give the company access to every

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site ever visited, email ever sent, and received on a company computer. Privacy laws that monitor employee computes have led to prosecution where a company sues an employee for deliberately sending company files through emails. This style of feature allows employees a small amount of flexibility yet protecting the company as well.

The Internet privacy rules limit each employee to certain boundaries that are only there to protect the company. The laws that companies use are only a way that a company can protect important information from becoming compromised by an unethical employee. The laws also allow the company to hold an employee liable for his or her negligent actions that may affect the image of the company or Jeopardize a customer’s personal information. Law are implement to help protect clients, the company, and the worker.

Internet use policies Companies Implement policies that will allow them to monitor Internet use because they want to guarantee that the resources they are provldlng are used to contribute to the company. The policies are created from a result of previous employees who during company time. The policies in place are even preventing the threat of criminal behavior. Also, this can prevent the company from being held liable if they communicated anything confidential about an employee. Policies are put in place to rotect the worker and company other threat like virus or internal breeches.

The importance of keeping sensitive information is priority to most companies and many do so by limiting the locations a worker can visit from his or her computer. Assumptions about privacy at work Some employees become very comfortable over time and contribute to sending chain letters, Jokes, and explicit picture not realizing that they are breaking polices set by the company because many believe that their mail box will never be part of an audit or examination. Some employee’s completely forget all about the Internet policy form igned at their beginning of his or her employment.

Employees may or not believe that their rights may be violated, the feelings are relevant because employees should use their best Judgment to try not to violate the company Internet policy. The policies only affect the workers whom wish to conduct non-business related task at work. If an employee wishes to visit social sites and other non-work related sites they should do so on their own time on personal devices that can access the Internet. Conclusion Company’s reserve the right to monitor employees on all private property and I elieve all employees should understand the rules at their company and comply with them.

If social behavior and personal manners were handled during an appropriate time, employees would not have to worry about their privacy being violated. Companies have to put added procedures in place to address privacy issues. When a company is paying employees for a service then it is the responsibility of those employees to correspond and handle their obligation. Privacy is a valuable honor that we as human beings are privileged to have but one must be held accountable when a worker

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