Employee Resourcing

2 February 2017

Their business approach and culture is very different from other competitors. Examples of their different culture are; no dress code, flexible working hours and spending lavishly on the recruitment process. Around 700, mostly young employees work under Trilogy and its Director of college recruiting Mr. Jeff Daniel expects the employees to “commit their expertise and vitality to everything they do”. Trilogy has an expensive and aggressive employee recruitment strategy that includes training at the company’s “Trilogy University. The new employees joined will undergo an intensive training program at their in-house training facility known as “Trilogy University”.

Recruiters tend to select the ambitious, over achievers with entrepreneurial instincts from the campus recruitment method being the fresher’s in the job market. Trilogy’s recruitment interviews are said to be very intense at the same time an interview day will end with lot of adventure and fun activities for both recruiters and interviewers, which makes a strong bond between new comers and the managers.For Trilogy recruiting is not just a high priority — it’s a company-wide mission. Its mission is to recruit the best of the best?. For that reason Trilogy uses very costly recruiting techniques: The Company spent $13,000 per hire with 262 college graduates were selected from short listed 4000 candidates, and this short listing was from 15000 applications! Q1. Identify some of the established recruiting techniques that underlie Trilogy’s unconventional approach to attracting talent? The company Trilogy, aggressively pursues the least experienced people in the job market.At many college campuses island wide, in career fairs and computer-science departments, looking for students who represent what Daniel calls “whom are expected to totally commit their expertise and vitality in everything they do”.

Employee Resourcing Essay Example

In other words, he looks for young, talented over achievers with entrepreneurial ambition – people. The top managers, including CEO of the company, conduct the first round of inter views, letting all applicants know that it would be hard, but rewarding experience.

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