Employment Relations in Singapore Essay Sample

9 September 2017


The figure of people with disablements rises every twenty-four hours and one of chief factor tips to the fact that the survival rate from accidents are higher with more advanced medical engineering presents. This contributes to the lifting per centum of Peoples with disablements through either by birth. old age or the above ground. but are at that place adequate employment policies to protect them and what are the employments issues are they confronting? About 5 % of the population or 100. 000 people in Singapore have disablements ( Singapore Press Holdings 2012 ) . Peoples with disablements ( PWDs ) have demands which are non really different from those of other able-bodied individuals. Some of them can take normal lives with certain accommodations which others may necessitate a higher degree of attention and attending. ( Ministry of Community Development. Policies – Peoples with Disabilities 2011 ) PWDs can be encouraged to accomplish autonomy and a sense of self-pride done employment as it plays a important societal and economic map for persons within a society. Many require preparation and employment facilitation and support services for sustainable employment. ( Ministry of Community Development. MCYS 2012 ) This paper aims to analysis the employment issues related to handicapped individuals and assorted strengths and failing.

Employment Relations in Singapore Essay Sample Essay Example


Majority of the grownups with disablements are unemployed even though they have the willingness to work and lend to society. There are four occupation arrangement bureaus in Singapore that focal point and map as a chief support to PWDs are: Autism Resource Centre. Bizlink Centre. MINDS and Society for the Physically Disabled. These bureaus provide installations and services to assist PWDs happen employed work and there are a sufficient figure of them. . What is missing is the figure of occupations available by the private sector that allow PWDs to use for. Not all companies are unfastened to using PWDS as there are many factors for this which may include ; non holding the ability or work force to develop a handicapped individual. the company administration is non a suited environment. PWDs may miss of certain accomplishments or the ability to make specific undertakings which is required as it is the company’s chief map and more. The tabular array below is a study of the United Kingdom study on what jobs and troubles do companies confront when enrolling handicapped people.

Table 1. Beginning ( Goldstone 2002 )
Unsuitable type of work and the deficiency of a suited environment with installations to provide to disable people make up a large part of the tabular array with respects to the troubles faced by some employers whom are non looking at engaging PWDs. A flooring 2 % felt that there might be favoritism and biass towards to them and make non wish to ask for that into the company.

2. 1LEGAL Aspect

Alternatively of traveling down the legislative path. Singapore has set up the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices ( TAFEP ) which is an confederation between the three parties – employers. brotherhoods and the authorities. This is to advance just employment patterns that employers can implement to forestall favoritism in the workplace ( Veron 2011 ) . Disabled people will be working on a just land whereby employers and higher-ups are non allowed to end them on baseless evidences and any signifier of torment will non be tolerated.


Merely a workplace with a diverse workface is more receptive and embracing towards PWDs employees. The administration will so be able to be more flexible and do some accommodations to better the environment for them to work in. This is missing in bulk of the companies in Singapore as there are really few policies or criterions implemented which includes handicapped people. One company that supports employment of PWDs in the service sector is Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre Singapore. Out of their 250 employees. 33 of them are with disablements. However their director Kanchan Kanwar did foreground that PWDs took twice the clip to develop compared to abled bodied people. but the direction themselves have to be patient and understanding to be able to successfully develop and prolong their occupations. ( Singapore Press Holdings 2012 )


Though there are an increasing figure of PWDs being employed today with the aid of the non-profit occupation arrangement companies. merely a little part are in a existent fast paced concern administration. Majority of them are employed in non-work community integrating programmes or sheltered workshops which are programmes supported by the authorities and charitable administrations. These will give them a lesser border when it comes to see and development of accomplishment in the competitory working society.


One chief employment relation issue are the fresh alumnuss from school. Unlike abled bodied people. immature people with disablements need more support for their passage period from school to working and populating in the society. It is comparatively more hard to set down a occupation directly after their preparation programmes and this becomes an issue if they are unemployed for a period of clip. they might acquire demoralised and even behind society. Bizlink has set up a production workshop to assist with this. Alike to sheltered workshops. the production workshops provide sheltered employment for PWDs who are either non suited or non yet ready for unfastened employment. The admittance into the workshop selective as it will see their operation degrees and skill sets. The map of this workshop will be similar to working society as they would gain high allowances as they manage more complex undertaking. ( Bizlink 2012 )

Wagess are one of the chief employment issues for the handicapped people. Employers are non willing to pay them every bit much as abled bodied or similar as they may non be able to execute as expeditiously or efficaciously as them depending on nature of undertaking such as manual labor. It will be rather unjust to PWDs if they are excessively underpaid as most of them and their households are besides financially burdened with medically measures. The authorities devised a strategy to promote to employers to use PWDs and to offer them a sensible wage. Particular Employment Credit of 16 % will be paid out to foremans who hire people who have attended classs from particular instruction school regardless of age. A upper limit of SGD240 is capped and this is help supply sustainable employment every bit good. ( Government 2012 )


Though there are many issues sing employment of people with disablements. the Singapore authorities and community has non ignored it. Master Plans and enterprises have been taken to better on the issues which PWDs are confronting such as low employment rate and accomplishment development. Many non-profitable administrations have emerged provide installations and services to provide to this population. Most significantly. Singapore has to be more unfastened minded and accept a more diverse work force as everyone has a possible endowment and accomplishment to lend to this society regardless of physical abilities.


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