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The Latest From The Feminist Front, explains his argument and responds to suggestions that his statements about feminism are too over the top. He thinks that feminism is something that has become too much off big deal. Lumbago seems to feel strongly that the women’s movement has gone too far or is getting out of hand. He definitely has provided a lot of support for his argument, and it is very convincing. This essay exposed parts of the women’s movement considered by the Start.The claim was the first sub Lumbago because radical feminists are trying to convince others that whenever there was a man that shows interest in women, it is of sexual harassment.

Then it explains that this is a very important problem for two reasons. First, Lumbago says that men are afraid to approach women. Look for this to be a sign of emotion because this statement makes the reader feel sorry or sympathetic toward a man. The second problem is that the reference to the advancement of any man as underestimates the real harassment, sexual harassment.I’ve found it to be evidence of ethical because the appropriate language and used to support the author. I think the first fallacy of Rush Lumbago’s argument is that he thinks that all feminists have the same opinion. This is a fallacy of guilty by association.

Although he might be right, labeling extreme feminists, all his arguments are all in positive favor of himself and men like him. Another fallacy was when he said that feminism was created for unattractive women to have it easier n society.This statement causes the readers to look away from the actual facts of the issue. The appearance of women does not really have anything to do with feminism. This fallacy distracts the reader from the real argument where he could have been making a real claim. He concludes with saying, “Is our society so confused now about relations between men and women that a mature adult doesn’t know how to deal with flirtatious sixteen year old? ” I think is a brilliant way to end his argument.I eke arguments that leave something interesting for the conclusion that keeps the readers attention.

He makes many good points that most people, whether feminist or not have never thought of before. He could have used more of a logical argument instead of an emotional one so that the reader could only feel bad for males. I think that he may have had a better argument if he had used personal experiences to explain the socializing situation. With his own version of each claim he was taking would prove to the audience that he had realistic proof.

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