Encounter with God

2 February 2017

As I recall a moment in my life which I had experienced a liberating and transforming encounter with God, the first thing that came into my mind was my first confession to the priest back when I was in our first year recollection. I can still remember how nervous I am that time because I didn’t really know what to do inside the confession room. But then, before I entered the room, I gave myself a time to just relax and think conscientiously all the sins I have made against God, family, friends and my neighbors. That time, I felt so relieved of the fact that I have realized that I was once wrong.When it was my turn to go inside, the feeling of nervousness lowered down.

It’s as if I have accepted and opened myself to what reality with God is – and that’s the act of confession. While confessing my sins to the priest, it seems like I am having my most honest conversation with Him. I can really tell that it was exactly the real me who’s talking to God. With that encounter, I was enlightened that God have transformed me to be the real me. I felt liberated from the barriers that tried to hide the essence of my existence.After that loving encounter with God, I have fully accepted what I really am – a thinking being capable of caring and hurting, but had always acknowledged change. I promised to Him not to do the same mistake twice – and be open to whatever life brings.

Encounter with God Essay Example

That was the time when my view of life became clearer, that in however way God shows life to me, it’s always for my own good and for a significant reason and purpose. I can’t say now if I have really fulfilled my promises to Him, but one thing is for sure — that I have always been carrying out all His goodness to me.

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