Endangered Species Protection: Priority or Problem?

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the issues of endangered species protection.

This paper looks at the nation’s existing biodiversity in a species-centered approach to environmental protection. It examines the costs it imposes on society and looks at the stakeholders involved in species protection issues include farming and industrial groups, environmentalists, and politicians and policy-makers.
In today’s society, it would not be hard to convince the average U.S. citizen that saving Earth’s endangered species from extinction should be a national priority. Thanks to the press, over the years, most people seem to have gained a general ethical and scientific understanding of the value of biological diversity. This biological diversity, or biodiversity, is a concept that emphasizes the fragile nature of the genetic and social interrelationships of the many varieties of plant and animal life that can be found in any given ecosystem (DiSilvestro, 1993). If one species disappears, the entire ecosystem may be affected by the loss, in a possibly disastrous chain reaction that modern science does not currently have the capability to fully predict the outcome of.

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