Enduring Love

1 January 2017

McEwan storytelling We start the chapter with a description of Parry through Jed “No longer the Indian brave, despite the pony-tail”.

McEwan really sets the scene with this as it gives us a clear picture of how Parry actually is. Shortly afterwards Jed’s scientific side comes out as he starts to re-assure himself that Parry is really harmless and that is was the accident that clouded his judgement. We feel a sense of relief as we now are told Parry is not threat as he is a “harmless fellow with a strange notion”. McEwan throughout this chapter describes Parry as a teenager.We can infer this because how McEwan writes about what parry does “Examined the nails of his right hand” and “but he could not look at me”. All of these being characteristics of a troubled/in love female teenager. As a reader I am made to feel sympathetic towards Parry as he is described so vulnerable and timid that you can’t help feel sorry for him.

Enduring Love Essay Example

This is liberates us somewhat as we where getting used to Jed being the victim, but with this chapter it turns the tables and has Parry being the victim. “You love me. You love me, and there’s nothing I can do but return your love”.Parry declaring his love for Jed and trying to convince him that the love is equal. McEwan still though making Jed a strong willed, intelligent character not allowing him to retaliate. This as readers makes us like Jed more as we congratulate him on his will power not to just leave Parry and carry on with his life, but he humours him instead. The structure of this chapter is very simple as it is just a dialogue between Jed and Parry.

But it does give us insight into Jed’s head as he is consciously analysing Parry (without saying it aloud).McEwan creates a lot of tension in this chapter as there are a lot of pauses between Jed saying something and Parry. They both have a lot of thinking time before they communicate with one another. “I said nothing and waited” “When he spoke at last”. Creating cliff-hangers and suspense as we are anxious as to what is to unfold. The conversation dips in and out as Jed – being a scientist- is very aware of his surroundings so conversation dives in and out of scenery and dialogue. I think McEwan does this to show that Jed is partially aware of Parry but not fully paying attention so therefore has a clouded judgement.


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