Enemy Mine Fiction or Reality?

1 January 2017

Description Enemy mine is an excellent movie of scientific fiction made in 1985 in which two involved warriors in a wild future war between the Earth and the Dracon planet, where in a middle of a spaceship fight they are forced to land in a desolate and inhospitable planet. The principle, the human being (Dennis Quaid) and its enemy, a foreign reptile (Louis Gosset, Jr) are determined to mutual destruction. But after face the forces of nature and one to the other, the two lost pilots gradually perceive that the only way to remain alive is surpassing the mortal hatred.

The Plot In the 21 century human and Dracs fight for the right of universe, a Dracon (Jeriba) and the human (Davidge) while battling both crash-landing in Fyrine IV. After initial hostilities, the two eventually learn to cooperate to be able to survive. They work together to construct a shelter for protection, and to satisfy its necessities for the food, the water, and the heat. They learn to surpass their differences, they become friends, and they learn each other languages, cultures and religion which have similar words.

Enemy Mine Fiction or Reality? Essay Example

Later, Jeriba facing death while giving birth teaches Davidge its full ancestry, a necessity of its child (Zammis) must be accepted in the society of Drac. Davidge raises Zammis as its own child. On the years, Davidge and Zammis have a special connection, as Zammis relates to Davidge as his uncle. Davidge realize there are humans mining the planet to gather minerals called ore, and knows that they use Dracs as slaves, and Davidge tried to protect Zammis to be captured or killed.

Zammis however, does not realize the danger and go to look the spaceship, and he is captured by the miners and Davidge is injured in the attempt to save the Child Drac. Davidge is left in planet surface, a ship of B. T. A patrol finds Davidge unconscious, and takes him to the space station where he was living before disappear in Fyrine IV. In the station, Davidge confused to be dead, but awakes when one of the engineers tries to steal the small book that Jeriba had given years to Davidge when he whished to learn the language of Drac.

The patrol and doctors discovered that Davidge speaks fluent the Dracon language. Some day later, Davidge is reestablished to the duty, and steals a fighter and goes back to Fyrine IV where the miners kept Zammis. Davidge manages to find the ship and the slaves of Drac where they helped Davidge to surpass the human and eventually find Zammis. Davidge helps also take all the slaves of Drac in return to their planet and a ceremony of introduction of Zammis in way that can be accepted in the society of Drac. The Conclusion

This history shows us an uniformity between two different races, a human and alien, both races hate them selves without knowing their history, culture, religion and language. But because they were trapped in a hostile planet they were force to work together in order to survive, they learned each other, language, culture and religion and the human realize that even a Alien has something alike the bible. They become friends and even show an event where the Alien gives a birth and die after and the human raises the child alien as if was his own child.

This history seems very alike with our actual society where the hatred is spread around the world, people hate each other just because their differences, culture, religion and sometimes even the language. As in the movie shows how humans can be terrible, as our society used to slavery innocent people just because their differences and forced them to work in our own benefit, this practice should be banned many years ago, but as we know in some places the slavery still in practice and some people just ignore the facts.

But like in the movie it shows also when our society face difficulties make us to recognize that this world does not belong to only one specific race, religion, culture or language and we need to work together in order to survive. We can forget that we are in the same planet, sharing and facing issues, not matter what the belief, culture or language is. To survive we need to work together, tried to understand the difference between other races and not neglect them. The humans might take few more hundreds of years to change, but I believe that one day we will have peace among our world.

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