12 December 2016

Quinto Eleventh Grade Academy of Our Lady of Guam Mrs. Mantantona Energy Essay Contest Personal Paradise The amount of energy that the world uses is undeniably tragic and we may not have influence over the national use of energy but we have every opportunity to change ours. Guam is an island of intimate relations, a vast network of cause and effect.

There are many ways to sufficiently monitor our use of energy usage ranging from the smallest of acts; cutting down on computer hours, remembering to flip the light switch, or even the simple act of using the stairs instead of an escalator, to the largest of acts; using a bike instead of a car or even air-drying our laundry. We are not only doing our island a favor through sufficient energy procedures but we are doing ourselves a favor as well.

Energy Essay Example

The state of our economy is unquestionably in par with our usage of energy, as the uses of energy rises so will our bills. Through cause and effect every choice we make comes hand in hand with an equally weighed consequence. We have the ability to control our choices therefore we control the consequences. If we can make the right choices in energy efficiency then we can achieve the right outcome.

Imagine a project for the entire island introducing a more efficient use of insulation, not only would we attain cooler conditions indoors but we would substantially lower the use of energy and our bill towards that. A utopia of efficient energy uses is not far from sight, it is possible by acknowledging the problem, making a choice, and taking action. We live in a “paradise”, so let us be true to that word; energy efficiency, not only good for us, but good for Guam.

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