Enforcing Morals

4 April 2015
This paper takes a look at the different philosophical theories of Lord Devlin and H.L.A. Hart at enforcing morals.

This paper examines the theories of Lord Devlin and H.L.A. Hart – Two British philosophers who analyzed the concept of enforcing morals. It takes a look at these theories as applied in contemporary British society, compares their contents and argues about the relevance of their application today.

From the paper:

“Because of the diversity of cultural, ethical, and moral views and beliefs that obtain in contemporary Britain, the idea that the legal system may be used to legislate morality has become in the past generation ever more tenuous, casting doubt on both the philosophies of Lord Devlin and H.L.A. Hart. Both now seem to be limited in their philosophical application to legal and moral considerations in Britain in the 21st century; another way of saying this is to argue that when applied to British contemporary society Devlin?s theory on the enforcement of morality does not differ substantially from Hart?s at least in the legal implications of both.

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This paper examines this position.”

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