Women are pillars in their families

10 October 2018

Question 11.

1 women are pillars in their families. A lot of things are expected from them as the poet mentioned in line 1-2 ‘a woman’s hands always holds something, a handbag, a vase, a child, a ring, an ideas’. Line 2 shows endless things that women are obligated to; they have the longest to do list. Women keep their families together be it during difficulties or happy times, they sacrifice a lot and are sometimes forced to put other people’s needs before theirs, they want to see those around them happy at all times even if it comes at the cost of their own happiness . Women are problem solvers; they have solutions to almost every problem that they may encounter. Women have more responsibilities that they are always busy as the poet mentioned in line 1 ‘a woman’s hands always holds something’. Their hands are always occupied with a lot of chores, and not only their hands are always busy but their minds as well because they are over thinkers, they often find themselves multi-tasking.

Women are pillars in their families Essay Example

Women feel pressured from all this obligations, they get tired the poet says in line 3 ‘my hands are tired of holding’ as they feel like they always carry this heavy load on their shoulders, they wish they could just find time to sit back and relax in line 3 the poet mention that ‘they simply wants to fold themselves’. They have the desire to also be taken care of.1.2. A nun does not necessarily have a lot on her plate; she does not have too many obligations and responsibilities beside the work of God. a she has no obligations as a wife and a mother as she make vows to remain unwed and to never bear children, whereas the speaker is a woman with commitments and lot of obligations and she gets tired from doing all that is expected of her from being a mother and a wife. A nun will hardly find herself tired.

The speaker is not emotionally well, she is stressed and demoralized that the wishes she did not have such huge commitments and responsibilities as she would not find herself always tired, she has the desire for freedom as she says in line 3 ‘my hands are tied of holding’. She feels like giving up and feels like she would have a happy life without all this bondage.1.31.4. The repetition is a suggestion that the speaker is tired of all her responsibilities, she is tired with all that comes with being a woman and how the society is stereotyped with all the roles of a woman from the apartheid era, she is tired from being a mother, a wife and a career woman, given all the responsibilities she has she still has to listen to other people’s problems and help them overcome them as a psychologist , she also has got her own problems of which she does not have anyone to talk to that she committed suicide, she kept everything that was bothering her to herself and that resulted to her having depressive illness. The poem’s mood can better be described as gloomy because the poem is about women suffering.

The tone is agitated as the words used in poem ‘tired’ ‘always’ ‘child’ ‘ring’ give clues on how the author feels about the lives of women. The speaker wants to let go of every obligation so that she can have time for her to relax and forget about everything else.1.5.1. The image is of a person who wants to have fun in life/enjoy life, a person who does not have any worries. The speaker has the desire for freedom and sees separating with her hands as a way to fulfil her heart desire because as soon as she loose her hands someone will have to take off where she left and people will not expect anything from her, in that way she will do what she wants when she wants or when she feels like doing it.

The speaker personifies hands in line 9 -10 where she says ‘run ownerless through the world, scattering cooking pots, and flowers and ring’. She wish her hands could just let her go as she would rather prefer to live with no capabilities to do the things that ordinary women do.1.5.2. She is tired, she feels pressured by all the responsibilities awaiting her as she can no longer cope with all the work that she has to do. Her obligations are depressing her as she has got no any extra hands to help her, for everything to fall in place it has to be her.

She has reached a point where she does not care about anything else but herself, she just need to relax and nothing much. The speaker feel the need to also be taken care of as it has been long overdue since she has been doing all the work alone.

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