Engage in Personal Development Essay Sample

8 August 2017

1. 1 Describe the responsibilities and duties of ain work function.

As a voluntary Teaching Assistant/Classroom assistant I have worked difficult to set up professional relationships with the Teachers and lasting TA’s which in bend has resulted in me being treated and respected as one of the squad by them and the students I work with. Within my function I help supply support to the instructors by fixing effectual acquisition environments. helping the students to make their full potency by guaranting the environment is kept clean. tidy and safe. My chief responsibilities and duties are to choose and fix learning resources appropriate to the lesson and where needed adapt the resources to run into the person or group’s demands. During the lessons I clarify the aims and look into the needed sum of support to be given along with the undertaking distinction to run into all abilities and monitor/record student response and advancement throughout the undertaking. It is of import as a Teaching Assistant to listen carefully to the students and promote their thoughts and sentiments to assist them go strong independent scholars by reacting to them suitably. promoting them and maintaining them on the right path to accomplish the propensity aim.

Within the function of Teaching Assistant/Classroom assistant I carry out observations on behavior and assist the students to do the right picks in their actions while besides describing any relevant concerns to the appropriate individual. As a Teaching Assistant you play an built-in portion in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of the schoolroom by transporting out administrative responsibilities as required by the instructor including roll uping. collating information. filing and run offing leting the instructor to pass more clip actively learning. As a Teaching Assistant/Classroom assistant you besides play a cardinal function in supplying comfort and immediate attention for minor accidents. disturbances and complaints every bit good as escorting and oversing in out of school activities such as working to the church for terminal of term service. trips to the theater. Library and Beach The function of a Teaching Assistant is an all-around experience and one that allows you to reflect. develop and turn in function every twenty-four hours.

1. 2 Explain outlooks about ain work function as expressed in relevant criterions.

Depending on your occupation function will depend on which set of occupational criterions you have to adhere to and therefore in bend the outlooks they so place upon you and your function. The Training and Development bureau have National Occupational Standards for Supporting Teaching Learning. These criterions enable schools to accommodate. alteration and better support staff accomplishments to guarantee all kids are given the chance to accomplish and win. The National Occupational Standards are based on the functions and duties of support staff in today’s schools and can be used in a assortment of ways to help Recruitment. Performance reviews. Training and Development and Career patterned advance.

As a voluntary Teaching Assistant/ Classroom assistant I am still expected to adhere and follow to these criterions when working as a Volunteer Teaching Assistant. The outlooks set out are that I will come into a category environment and supply suited and appropriate support to the instructor and kids leting effectual instruction and acquisition to take topographic point which links to the National Occupational Standard STL 1 an illustration of how I contribute to this is when Readers workshop takes topographic point first thing in the forenoon. On geting in the category I agree with the Teacher which group I will be working with and the complexness of the undertaking and the sum of support to be given leting the kids to derive the most from this lesson. Throughout these Sessionss and any other lessons I assist with I observe how the kids interact. engage in an activity and the sum of support that has been given and feed this information back to the Class Teacher or Full Time TA.

When volunteering as a Teaching Assistant/Classroom Helper I ever have the children’s well-being at the head of my head and take anything that may do possible injury or harm to them every bit good as intervene when they are making something that may do injury associating to STL 3 ( CCLD 202 ) of the National occupational Standards. An illustration of when I have done this is when a kid was swaying back on the chair legs I intervened and asked them to halt as the old twenty-four hours a kid had been making the same thing and put the chair down on to the Teachers pes by accident. Besides within my function I promote and contribute to positive relationships associating to STL 20 ( CCLD 301 ) of the National Occupation Standards. I do this by guaranting that I use appropriate verbal and non-verbal communicating accomplishments. respond positively to all those I work with handling them with the same regard that I would wish to be treated with while staying professional. These are merely some of the cardinal outlooks of my occupation function outlined in the National Occupational Standards but my ain outlook is to present a high degree of attention and support across the course of study to guarantee that all kids are given the right support. counsel and encouragement to carry through and accomplish their possible.

Undertaking 2

2. 1 Explain the importance of brooding pattern in continuously bettering the quality of service provided.

“Reflective pattern is the capacity to reflect on actions so as to prosecute in a procedure of uninterrupted larning therefore affecting us to pay critical attending to the practical values and theories which inform every twenty-four hours actions by analyzing pattern reflectively and reflexively” En. wikipedia. org/wiki/reflective. pattern.

Brooding pattern is imperative in any occupation as it helps guarantee that service bringing is kept high and uninterrupted and this is indispensable when working with kids as their fortunes. environments and larning advancement continually changes E. g. some kids may pick up a Numeracy subject of Measure really. really rapidly and so happen a subject to make with Time a little more ambitious and holding carried out a brooding session on this can help you in your support function following clip to assist guarantee the acquisition demands of the kids are adequately supported. By continually reexamining. reflecting and bettering your attack to work benefits you as the practician and more significantly the kids as by transporting out brooding pattern you are besides guaranting you are assisting to provide for every child’s single demands. Kolb’s Experimental Learning rhythm supports the cardinal demands of brooding pattern and the importance it plays in personal development. Kolb’s rhythm involves: – 1. Concrete experience- doing/having experience within your function. 2. Brooding observation- reviewing/reflecting on your experiences. 3. Abstract conceptualisation- concluding and larning from your experiences. 4. Active Experimentation- Planning/trying out what you have learned. Idu. Leedss. Ac. uk/Kolb D. A ( 1984 )

By utilizing Kolb’s rhythm or similar theories as a tool for your brooding procedure you will non merely travel frontward in your ain thought but it will besides enable you to back up your co-workers at the same clip.

In decision when reflecting on your public presentation be it on your ain. Colleagues or you Line

Manager you should be honest with yourself and those you work with and more significantly evaluate successes every bit good every bit failures as the later will be what drives you love of acquisition of acquisition every bit good as aid guarantee that a high criterion is continually delivered within your function.

2. 3 Describe how ain values. belief systems and experiences may impact working pattern.

Everyone has different values. beliefs and penchants. What you believe in. what you see as of import and what you see as acceptable or desirable is an indispensable portion of who you are. The manner in which you respond to people is linked to what you believe in. what you consider of import and what involvements you. You may happen you respond positively to people who portion your values and less heartily to people who have different precedences. When you develop friendly relationships. it is natural to pass clip with people who portion your involvements and values. However. the professional relationships you develop with people you work with are another affair. As a voluntary Teaching Assistant/Classroom Helper I am required to supply the same quality of support for all. non merely for those who portion my positions and beliefs. This may look obvious. but cognizing what I need to make and accomplishing it successfully is non the same thing.

Working in the a school environment I am bound to come across people whose positions I do non hold with. and who ne’er seem to understand my point of position. Awareness of differences. my reaction to them and how they affect the manner I work is a important portion of personal and professional development. If I allow my ain penchants to rule my work with people. I will neglect to execute to the criterions of the Codes of Practice for kid attention workers set out by the UK regulation organic structures. All the codifications require child attention workers to esteem and advance people’s single positions and wants. An illustration of where positions and beliefs differ is late we had person desiring to run an after school activity of Yoga but some parents felt that this didn’t tantrum in with the Christian ethos of the school and so as a Parent. a voluntary Teaching Assistant and a Parent Governor it was indispensable that I kept an unfastened head and maintain my ain values and beliefs to myself to guarantee that I remained professional at all times.

Undertaking 3

3. 1 Evaluate ain cognition. public presentation and understanding against relevant criterions.

It is of import in any occupation to measure your ain cognition. public presentation and understanding against your occupation description and any other relevant criterions that apply to your function. Measuring your cognition can be done in a assortment of ways from annual assessments with your Line director. reexamining your Personal Development Plan at regular intervals and guaranting that the ends you set yourself are Smart – Specific. Measureable. Achievable. Realistic and Relevant and Targets that can be achieved in a Timely mode. holding informal confabs with co-workers and maintaining brooding histories of activities you have undertaken to assist highlight countries of development. I have included one of my Brooding diaries as an illustration as it highlights an country of development and action I was traveling to take to better my cognition and apprehension. As a voluntary Teaching Assistant/ Classroom assistant measuring my cognition and public presentation is somewhat harder but looking at the Job function I would state these are the cardinal things to come out of ain rating of my cognition. public presentation and apprehension: – 1. Achieve the Level 3 Diploma Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools by guaranting I complete the assignments to a high criterion.

2. Continue to derive valuable experience in the function of Teaching Assistant volunteering in a assorted Year groups to assist enhance and spread out my cognition and apprehension of the course of study. 3. Transport out relevant CPD to make with Numeracy and Literacy to guarantee I can give the highest degree of support to the kids I work with. 4. Derive farther cognition and apprehension of working with kids with particular demands.

These ends are based on self-reflection and holding read the National Occupational Standards which are designed to enable you to heighten and develop your public presentation every bit good as lineation the cardinal demands of what they need to cognize and understand I would foreground the followers as countries of personal development. 1. STL6. STL25 and STL26 Support literacy and numeracy activities – I am able to help and give appropriate congratulations and encouragement to the kids but feel I need to develop farther my cognition and apprehension of methods used in numeracy today E. g. Partitioning for add-on and phonics for literacy to guarantee that when working with the kids I deliver the right degree of support and counsel leting them to accomplish their possible.

2. STL37. STL38- Having worked on a figure of occasions with kids who have SEN I feel this is an country I would wish to research and develop farther cognition and apprehension to let me to guarantee that when working with them in group state of affairss or 1 to 1 I give them the best chance to acquire the most out of their learning experience at that minute in clip. These are merely a few countries of Professional Development I have highlighted myself from mentioning to the National Occupational Standards but personally experience that acquisition is a rhythm and you can ever larn and develop new accomplishments guaranting that you deliver the highest degree of support to the Teachers and more significantly to the kids.

Undertaking 4

4. 1 Identify beginnings of support for planning and reexamining ain development.

Working as a voluntary Teaching Assistant/Classroom assistant I don’t have entree to the same chances for planning and reexamining ain development and so hence I have to be more proactive and guarantee that I personally reflect on my strengths and failings and seek professional counsel and support from appropriate co-workers when I feel or see it is needed. E. g I was late assisting in a letters and sounds lesson and was unsure of the methods they used which resulted in me traveling off and transporting out farther research on the Dfes web site for the Letters and Sounds resource book the TA was utilizing to back up the session and assist me personally gain a better apprehension of the nomenclature used throughout the session. ( see attached brooding diaries ) .

Presently in my function as a voluntary Teaching Assistant/ Classroom assistant I chiefly acquire feedback from the category Teacher and Fulltime Teaching Assistant by talking with them at appropriate times to see how I did and what I could hold done better to acquire more out of the kids I was working with and this has enabled me to turn and develop more assurance in the function. Besides while I am on the class I will seek support and counsel from my college assessor who will give me concise and constructive feedback through ocular observations carried out and action points on how to develop my pattern as a Teaching Assistant every bit good as speak to my college coachs who can assist me be after my professional development for the hereafter. E. g I have already

spoken to my coach about possibly come oning on to the Foundation Degree in Teaching and Learning or even utilizing my old background of measuring and going an assessor to assist other people desiring to prosecute a calling as a Teaching Assistant. Other beginnings of support I can utilize to assist chum up and reexamine my personal development is the CPD subdivision on the Bournemouth Council Website which allows you to entree classs relevant to your chosen field so for my ain personal development I have shown involvement in Early Old ages. Teaching Assistant CPD and as a Parent Governor CPD courses that will assist me understand the primary instruction system better.

Undertaking 5

5. 1 Evaluate how learning activities have affected pattern.

Learning activities take topographic point in a assortment of ways from INSET yearss. Classroom pattern. Meetings. go toing CPD classs laid on by Training Agencies. Councils and the schools themselves. In the function of a Teaching Assistant be it voluntary or in a paid place you will ever come across chances that will assist you develop professionally. Within St Luke’s CE Primary School Full and Part clip employed TA’s have the chance to set about the Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning every bit good as have entree to specialist classs such as working with kids with Autism. The activities you undertake will assist you turn and develop in your function and will assist put the foundations of your Personal Development Plan for the hereafter as it enables you to reflect and highlight countries of strength and countries of development. Attending the Level 3 Diploma Supporting Teaching and Learning in schools and volunteering in the school has enabled me to turn in my function of voluntary Teaching Assistant/ Classroom Helper edifice up my assurance in my capablenesss which has resulted in me deriving Relief paid work as a Teaching Assistant at the school.

5. 3 Show how to enter advancement in relation to personal development.

Recording advancement in relation to personal development is an indispensable portion of your function as it helps highlight accomplishments made towards aims outlined in your personal development program. It besides helps to place new cognition spreads and countries to be developed to assist better your public presentation within a function. It is of import when transporting out any professional development that you keep any paperwork and notes from the classs as it can be used at a ulterior day of the month to update your advancement and heighten your cognition and apprehension of that country.

The class stuff is besides a good manner of demoing how you have developed within your function and actions you have taken to go more competent and stronger. E. g. I have attended in the past Core Curriculum classs for Literacy and Numeracy to develop my apprehension of how the course of study is laid out and how grownups in this instance can come on from a Level 1 to a Level 2. When set abouting any Personal Development you should ever do a record of the course/ making and maintain a brooding history of what you gained from it so that you can mention to it in the hereafter when using for occupations or publicity this can be done on your Curriculum Vitae. in the format of a Word papers or if you are registered to the Institute of Learning you can maintain an online record of CPD taken to assist maintain you occupationally competent within your function.

Below is an illustration of a Personal Development Plan and how you could enter advancement made.

Time Scale| Development| Review|
September 2012| Commence Level 3 Diploma Supporting Teaching and Leaning| Course has been started and am doing good advancement to day of the month –Oct 2012| December 2012| Continue remaining on path with college assignments. Derive farther experience within the function of TAApply for TA roles| Have fallen somewhat behind but take to be back on Path by terminal of January – 31/01/2012On traveling Have gained a Relief function at St Lukes CE Primary –Dec 2012| March 2013| Have got myself up to day of the month with all College Assignments. Get booked on a First Aid course| |


Baker. B. Burnham. L ( 2010 ) Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools ( Primary )

En. wikipedia. org/wiki/reflective. pattern

Idu. Leedss. Ac. uk/Kolb D. A ( 1984 )

Brooding Journal

Name: Kirsty Atfield
Date and Time: 19/11/2012 9-12

Session Aims: Reading Workshop. Numeracy. Phonics. DT

The chief points I have learnt from this session are:

The session this forenoon was really enlightening as I helped the kids in a assortment of undertakings working in little groups and besides on a 1:1 footing. The Reading Workshop Activity involved the 5 kids I was working with make a Graffiti Board where they had to pattern composing the words Said. So. Do. Like. Some. Come and Have in any form. coloring material or design they chose and it was interesting to see that how throughout the undertaking their assurance grew in the fact of traveling off from composing in a consecutive line.

I enjoyed the Numeracy session which was based around sequencing and this involved a batch more unfastened inquiring with the group of kids I was working with along with congratulations and encouragement as they all knew what they were making but some found it more ambitious than others.

Phonicss was a existent oculus opener today and the session that has stood out for me as I learnt something knew and look frontward to developing my cognition and apprehension of Phonemes farther.

DT was an interesting session as some of the kids merely got stuck in and others got side tracked from the undertaking at manus so I truly had to be argus-eyed and guarantee that they were all acquiring the aid they needed every bit good as being actively involved in the edifice of their vehicle as some would hold merely left it to me to construct!

How I could develop my practical accomplishments as a consequence of this session:

Ensure that I am confident in the activity/task that is being delivered to the kids and don’t be afraid to inquire for farther elucidation to assist guarantee that we are all singing from the same sheet.

Derive farther apprehension of the Phoneme method.

How I could develop my cognition and apprehension as a consequence of this session:

•Research the letters and sounds website.
•Research Letterss and Sounds book dfes web site.
•Develop apprehension of Phoneme’s
•Every Child Matter brush up cognition I already have.

Brooding Journal

Name: Kirsty Atfield
Date and Time:20/11/12 9-12

Session Aims: Reading Workshop. Numeracy and Phonicss

The chief points I have learnt from this session are:

Following on from the session I helped in yesterday we once more started with the Readers Workshop and once more I helped another group of kids use their creativeness making a graffito board utilizing the words See. Make. Down. Like and Have. This undertaking today was somewhat easier as I had illustrations that I could pull upon to give the kids an thought of what needed to be done and this helped them and they enjoyed the undertaking and experimenting with different manners of composing such as Bubble and Spikey authorship.

Phonicss workshop was once more a follow on session and review of Phonemes once more looking at the dual missive sounds ng. ch. Ar. er… . . working as a whole group and utilizing their white boards we worked our manner through a serious of words to look into their apprehension and linked the accomplishment into their reading.

Numeracy was today an hr long where the category was split into 2. One half went into the ICT suite to play on Education metropolis and Number games while the other half of the category stayed and practiced numeration in 10s. The category activity involved utilizing a figure square and a practical ocular activity to assist their apprehension of numbering in 10s ( index fingers one higher and lower than the chosen figure and spider mounting up and down for 10s ) and because they worked so difficult we finished the session with a merriment figure game.

The ICT subdivision of the numeracy session allowed the kids to pick the figure activity game they wanted to play on while besides developing their assurance of utilizing a computing machine.

How I could develop my practical accomplishments as a consequence of this session:

Ensure that I am confident in the activity/task that is being delivered to the kids and don’t be afraid to inquire for farther elucidation to assist guarantee that we are all singing from the same sheet.

Practice the Phoneme method myself to guarantee it is to the full embedded. Eg Chip has 3 sounds and Car has 2 sounds



This is because the Ch. Ar are one sound non C A R or C H I P. Other illustrations are ee. oo. igh. nanogram. Er. Ur

How I could develop my cognition and apprehension as a consequence of this session:

•Gain farther apprehension of cardinal phases of development. •Look at extra resources that can be used to assist maths development. •Education City and sounds website.

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