Engaging Our Hundred Secret Senses: Amy Tan

4 April 2015
This paper provides an examination of the soaring career, culture, and works of Chinese-American author Amy Tan with a special emphasis on her novel, “The Hundred Secret Senses”.

This paper examines the life, career and literature of best-selling Chinese-American author Amy Tan. The author focuses specifically on her novel “The Hundred Secret Senses”, and examines the history of Chinese-American immigrants, the discrimination they were subjected to, and the pressures of assimilation into American culture. The paper also looks at the pull between Chinese tradition and American way of life, and how Tan struggles with this issue in her writing.
“In only a handful of novels, Amy Tan has brought us the legends and stories of her background. She has introduced the American public to a new world of fiction, based on her own experiences mingled with the experiences of her ancestors in their beloved homeland of China . In these stories, she has shown herself to be a writer of uncommon technical skills, powers of observation, and richness of humanity, a combination of gifts that inspires her many readers to eager anticipation of her future works.”

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