Engineers’ Corner

7 July 2017

The existence of each profession in a society is essential to make it a better place Every piece has its own place Artists are usually admired for the works that they produce; however, there are other professions that are valued much more, such as doctors, engineers, etc. Who contribute significantly to the world we live in. The “Engineers corner” is an ironic poem which highlights that how life as an artist is, and discusses the lifestyle of other professions that are more important to society and its development, such as

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Engineering. Cope effectively uses irony to convey this message. As we read this poem, the verbal irony catches our attention more and more. At first the poem will make the reader to wonder that what implicit meaning this poem has, because every word spoken in this poem is the opposite of reality. Each hemstitch in “Engineers’ Corner” proves the opposite of the poem’s name, for instance the poem begins with an advertisement that argues about engineers not having a corner in Westminster Baby located in Britain.

The use of irony in the poem builds on the mockery that Cope uses in this poem. She creates a world where it is the engineer who assures to need another Job instead of the poet. They would have to burn the midnight oil to earn a crust, “No wonder small boys dream of writing couplers and spurn the bike, the lorry, and the train”. The reader recognizes that Cope has switched the lifestyles of these two professions through this effective use of irony.

Most people believe the “Engineers’ Corner” is a poem that Cope has wrote to Hampshire with poets. She intends to show the lack of interest in poetry, and that their profession is not valued as it should be. Therefore, they need a second Job; they scrape by cheerless garrets while others, such as engineers, are rich. Hence they suffer and have a tough life only because their profession has been underestimated, and they are not admired as they should be.

In concluding, the intentions of this poem want to first make an image of poets’ lives in the readers’ minds, as well as wowing them how their profession is undervalued. Second, to say that every profession has its importance and should be valued rationally, otherwise some professions will lose their place in the society and become worthless. Then, as every piece in a machine has its own place, importance, and role in order for the machine to work efficiently, the existence of each profession in a society is essential to make it a better place. Engineers’ Corner By Negative

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