English 11/12 Literature

1 January 2017

I cannot describe what I was like when I was young. 15. lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey, is easy to recognize as a romantic poem because it a. describes the narrator’s emotions about a landscape 16. what is wrodswroth main subject in the world is too much with us? a. The frenzied quest of wealth 17. Mary Wollstonecraft’s a vindication of the rights of woman might be subtitled a. a pea for better education for women. 18. which line from a vindication of the rights of woman conveys the essay’s main theme? a. Women. ought to cherish a nobler ambition, and by their abilities and virtues exact respect. 9. one of the main points in a vindication of the rights of woman is that woman should be a. respected, but simply admired 20. at the time Jane Austen and Mary Wollstonecraft were writing, a women’s education tended to focus mainly on a. lady like accomplishments. 21. which word is the closest in the meaning to aspire a. strive 22. which praise is the closest in meaning sinews a. muscular power. 23. what does the word confounded mean? a. Confused or bewildered 24. a person who behaves with solicitude is being a. thoughtful 25. a amiable person is a. Friendly.

It could be said that the use of conceits and paradoxes is particularly appropriate to religious writings and to love poetry. Write a 4-6 paragraph essay giving general definitions of conceits and paradoxes and explain why you think their use is appropriate to these two forms of writing. Support your idea’s with examples from the words of john donne. Conceit is extended comparisons that link objects or ideas not commonly associated, often mixing abstract ideas and emotional matters. In one of his poems, for example, Donne compares two lovers to the two legs of a drawing compass.

Meditation 17- god is a publisher.. our life is like a book…he is the creator… An example would be a valediction-forbidding mourning-love is like a compass, still attached in the center when I move the other moves, when I leave they both leave, when other comes back the other greets other beings and ends together.. Paradoxes are images or descriptions that appear self-contradictory but that reveal a deeper truth. Donne use a paradox in holy sonnet 10 when he writes “death, thou shalt die” A example of a paradox would be in the poem “song” – when thou weep’st, unkindly kind- .. ou know that I’m leaving but unkind she is doubting his love… Another paradox would be in a valediction-forbidding mourning- “ and makes me end where I begun” An example of a paradox would be from holy sonnet 10-“ death, thou shalt die” death is inevitable, you don’t decide who goes, good or bad death cannot exsist there it no death dean can’t control.. Jonathan swift was a man who had little tolerance for fanaticism of any kind. He disliked the human tendencies toward selfishness and pride, but he maintained lifelong admiration for the attributes of individual human beings.

Write an essay that shows how swift’s satire in both of the selection of guilliver’s travels illustrates his impatience with human folly and his admiration for the individual spirit. Dispute of cracking an egg shell which led the war between the British and England swift satires the little thing in life we argue about which turns into a unnecessary battle. Blake was ignored in his own time and only came to be appreciated for his creativity over a century after his death. One twentieth-century critic has said that Blake was ignored in his own time because of the complexity of his vision.

This critic has said that Blake’s thinking and poetry frequently combine the “opposite sides” of the same argument. Write an essay in which you relate the critic’s statement to Blake’s poems “the lamb” and the tiger. What are the opposite dies, that Blake expresses or describes in these two poems? What symbols does he use to descrier these oppositions? Include evidence from the poems to support your points. In the lamb-lamb represents goodness, and the central ideal was the creator makes good and evil. Creator was ideal. He was god. The mood was serene. One of the symbols that was said in the poem was softest clothing wooly bright

The tiger was the evil side, living area around, forest of the darkness.. central was that the tiger has power. A symbol could be “burnt the fire of thine eyes” In an essay, discuss blake’s social commentary in poem “ the chimney sweeper” identify the social issue balke is addressing, and then analyze how blake uses the poem to touch upon the issue. What message does the poem contain? Cite the details from the poem to support your interpretation. The story is coming from a first person point of view, and he was sold by his father. The child telling the story is a lower class and is always dirty from child labor.

Another boy who’s head was shaved cried but was reassured by the child telling the story that at least you’re hair won’t get dirty. He makes the best of everything. The other sweepers that were young died because of the dirt they had to deal with. ” Were all of them lock’d up in coffins of black. ” They dead children went to heaven, and the angels from then out of there coffin and they got to play and they had something to look forward to. “ and the angel told tom if he’d be a good boy, he’d have god for his father and never want joy” do the rules and you will be rewarded, god will reward them, only hope is to die and go to heaven.

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