1 January 2017

English class has never been one of my strong aspects of life, I would say the grammar part of English I am more knowledgeable at, but when it comes to me having to write papers I am never very fond of the idea. I was required to take the class for my pre-requisites for dental hygiene; and lets just say when I had seen that English Composition one was on the list I was not the least bit thrilled. My experience in this class brought me to the realization that English is not as bad as I had once thought.

This is my second semester of online classes and I am proud to say that English has been one of my most proud, but challenging online classes I have had; even though my grades do not show a lot of excellence I usually am a very low-grade student in the class of English. Mrs. Goerl was very helpful when it came to grading and response; she always was very prompt in having assignments graded, but at the same time you knew she took a lot of time into the evaluation of the assignments.

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I appreciate the detailed feedback and am still returning back to them for reference and help. I struggle a bit with procrastination; my fiance is always pushing me to do homework but I am one that always waits until the last minute to do things I do not love; until I got to English Composition with Mrs. Goerl. She is not a lenient teacher who lets me get away with sloppy work and looking back at that I appreciate it; even though I may not have at the time. I learned my lesson after the first couple of assignments when no studying or time was put in to the assignments.

I now will take a couple days to write a paper and have found that when I do that I tend to come up with more ideas that in return result in better grades. Also, with this course being online it is easier to put things off because you are not required to show up at a certain time to class. I have learned that writing down my agenda for the week works better for me; that way I can do the things I enjoy but also know when I need to dig my face into the books. It sure does help though when you have access to due dates; which I struggled with in the course.

I am not very good at looking at assignments that were ahead of my schedule and would get the email the day before or day of the assignment being due and I would have to run home to get that certain assignment done. What I learned from this class is that revising your work is key in English; you always need to check what you write over and over again. When I am done revising a paper of mine I am sick of looking at it. Sometimes though I would get to critical and would end up starting all over again from the beginning and I feel like it just made the paper worse.

I have also learned that I struggle a lot with thinking of words to use besides my normal words I use every day. I would say though that my vocabulary has grown since the beginning of the class. Without the help from the other students and my teacher I would have not been able to get through this class, like I said before English is not my strong point and even though I have learned a lot about my writing I have a long way to go until I can say that I am a great writer. Thanks for everything you have taught us Mrs. Goerl your hard work and dedication in teaching us is very much appreciated!

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