English Assignment on Education

Some even argue that student-loan borrowing is threatening he financial future of today’s college students. More often, the problem among students who go heavily into debt is that they are determined to attend their dream college, no matter the cost. Mark Constraint, publisher Of Final, claims that “People don’t pay attention to the debt. They want to be able to pay for the school they have wanted to go to for as long as they can remember, and they are willing to do whatever it takes” (258).

In other words, people live outside their means. In response to those who claim student loans are “A Life Sentence,” Anthony Carnival, director of Georgetown University Center, stated, “Debt is the est. way to pay for education because you’re shifting the cost forward until you’ll be earning more money” (260). Carnival’s point is that college graduates earn about 80 percent more a year than high-school graduates do. A college graduate can expect to earn nearly one million more in lifetime earnings than a high-school graduate can.In the article, Are Colleges Worth the Price of Admission? Andrew Hacker and Claudia Derides agree with Wilson when they state, ” Nearly 82 percent of college graduates found full-time employment within a yea’ (188). In other words, Hacker, Derides, and Wilson all agree that college is a conservative approach to being successful in life.

In the Youth video, Changing Education Paradigms, Ken Robinson also supports their claim when he states, “You are better having a degree than not, but it’s not a guarantee anymore. Robinson believes that college graduates are better off but they’re still not guaranteed the career they want. On the other hand, Wilson believes that “The only thing worse than borrowing, is not borrowing and not going to college at all” (260). In conclusion, Wilson, Hacker, Derides, and Robinson all agree that choosing to go to college is not just about the education you are achieving, but the experiences you’ll have that will change your life. Works Cited Wilson, Robin. “A Lifetime Of Student Debt?

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