English (Ben Franklin Video Guide) S1 Study

What are some of Josiah Franklin’s positive qualities?
He was a genius man who had a talent for drawing and music, and had great mechanical abilities because he was a wise man.
How long was Benjamin’s formal education?
He started grammar school at the age of eight. His school lasted two years.
What two family based occupations did Benjamin have in his young life?
He helped make candles for the family candle-making business and also worked doing printing skills for a printing business.
What is the significance of the name Silence Dogwood in Ben Franklin’s life?
The name Silence Dogwood is so significant because by writing Silence’s name on the papers that Benjamin wrote, he could anonymously submit letters to a New England newspaper business.
What contribution did Ben Franklin make to the colonies in 1731?
Benjamin started the first library among the colonies.
What popular work did Ben Franklin publish in 1732?
In 1732, he published the Poor Richard Almanack.
What did Ben Franklin do to make Philadelphia a safer city?
To make the community safer and prevent more houses burning down, Benjamin wanted to create a fire department made from some of the citizens from the town.
What did Ben Franklin invent to helped to reduce fires?
He invented the Franklin Stove to help reduce the hazard of fires.
What is Ben Franklin’s most important experiment? What did the experiment prove?
His kite experiment was his most important experiment. This experiment proved that lightning was an electrical discharge.
What invention came about because of Franklin’s experiment?
He invented the lightning rod to absorb the lightning when it hit the rod to prevent houses catching fire.
What similar occupations did Franklin have in 1737 and 1753? How did these occupations help the colonists?
He helped with the printing press and also ended up making an academy which turned out to be the University of Pennsylvania. He also helped out the postal department which helped the newspaper reach the different colonies a lot faster than before.
When serving as a diplomat in London, what law did Franklin work to repeal?
When he was in England, he had time to pursue his experiments and to travel. He returned to England to petition for a new colonial government.
As a member of the Continental Congress, what document did Franklin help to write?
He helped to write the Stamp Act.
When Franklin traveled to Paris, how did he gain French support for the American Revolution?
His popularity and diplomatic skill caught the attention of the French aristocrats.
After negotiating a peace treaty to end the American Revolution, what did Franklin invent?
He helped to print continental money.
What other document did Franklin help to write?
He helped write the Declaration of Independence on July 4th in 1776.
What was Franklin’s final public act before death?
He contributed to the abolition of slavery.
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