English essay for igcse

8 August 2016

Is single sex education the better route to results? Could you imagine learning in a class full of the same sex as you? No? Me neither. Leonard sax says that he feels single sex education is the key to get results from secondary schools, i don’t think so. School is supposed to set you up for life so by segregating the sexes it isn’t preparing you for that because in reality who goes to an all ladies or all man’s work place?

I agree with sax when he says boys develop differently but this is why mixing them with girls is good because then they learn from each other the girls give the boys a certain level of maturity and the boys give the girls an element of fun. So is this the reason to separate the two? I think not. Separating the sexes is probably one of the most ridiculous ideas I’ve ever heard.

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It has also become apparent after some thorough research that boys like a cooler temperature of classroom and girls like it warmer, but still this is not a reason to separate the genders.

Again I raise my point that it does not apply in the world of work when the children get older and go onto get a job unfortunately they have to deal with the temperature because there won’t be anything they can do about it. So why I ask, does Sax feel it appropriate to go into single sex education? To teach single gender classes you have to have gender modified teachers so that they can maintain and have the children’s best interests at heart this is neither practical nor realistic.

There isn’t that many gender specific teachers around so normal mainstream teachers will have to go on the appropriate courses to learn about gender specific teaching in order to cater and apply gender appropriate skills, now tell me this is realistic? Precisely it’s not. I think saying that genders are bad influences on each other is in some ways true but in others a bit excessive. Genders learn from each other and it teaches them to get along with each other because again in the real world of work as much as they might not like it genders have to work together.

I have raised this point a lot already but exposing genders to each other forms relationship and teaches them that actually they can work with each other when they go into a work place. Also by just going into single sex education the children may not want this forcing them to be worse when they get into the same sex school that they would attend. There are single sex schools around and it is optional and at the child and adults discretion weather they go there or not so it isn’t for Leonard sax or anyone else to decide for them. Not only do boys and girls being in the same school educate each other about the sexes but it actually shows them a deeper insight around the opposite sex to them and see more behind “immature boys” or “attention seeking girls” it makes them see that no matter what sex you are we are all human. So to conclude single sex school isn’t the greatest idea I’ve ever heard and I certainly won’t support it because I know the benefits of gender mixed schools are greater than those that aren’t.

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