English Food and the Qualities It Is Often Criticized for

9 September 2016

Britain and healthy food are two things which can’t be combined with each other». It’s an opinion of foreign people who always criticize English food. Foreigners always say that English people have no cuisine themselves and their typical dish is just «Fish and chips». And British people are both amused and annoyed when they hear that English food is unimaginative, boring and tasteless. On the one hand foreign people are right because it’s really very difficult to find English food in England.

In Greece people can eat Greek food, in France – French, in Italy – Italian but it is easier to find Indian or Chinese restaurants than English one. Actually foreign trade has become the major factor which has an influence on British cooking because the British don’t export their dishes. Instead of it they import a surprising number of dishes from all over the world. Another factor which plays an important role in the creation of English food is certainly climate. It’s a universal truth that English weather is very wet and changeable and British people always complain about it.

But rain gives them rich soil and green grass which means that the Englishmen can produce some of the finest varieties of meat, fruit and vegetables. So, it’s wrong to claim that British food is unambitious. This food is wonderful but at the same time very time-consuming. For example, making a Christmas cake should start a few days beforehand. Bui it is so delicious that it really worth waiting. Actually, the British believe that their basic ingredients are so full of flavor that there is no need to invent complex recipes to disguise their natural taste.

For instance, nothing can be compared with potatoes just boiled and served with butter. So, I am absolutely sure that there is only one explanation why most visitors consider British food awful: they simply haven’t had an opportunity to sample English home cooking. Probably they eat at cheap restaurants which are not definitely those places where real British cuisine can be found because English food doesn’t lend itself to quick preparation which is required there. So, British food is found in the home where it is possible to time the dishes to perfection.

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