Just continued my further study in university Technology Tun Hussein Onn (UTHM) major in mechanical engineering . now have 8 week I at UTHM for this semester I have take about 13 credits hours but excluding this subject Is English Foundation I have to take this due my MOET result Is below band 3 . My English foundation class Is In section 17 and class lecturer Is Mr. k. Bhaskran . In Malaysia our second language Is English . Second language is known as the language that we learn after our mother tongue.

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It is the secondary option of the individual. People learn second language for multiple purposes; to communicate with people of different ethnic, to get Job, to feel easy to live in strange country or environment, to learn foreign culture and lifestyle etc. And the most important that all subject for mechanical engineering student to take is in english language However, my second language -English is the most the most difficult to learn in a short period of time and i got C In my SPM and Band 2 in MOET . I moved to an environment that was totally different from the one I came from.

I knew that this would be my biggest hurdle I would have to overcome. I sat In corner of the class room and felt shy to speak with friends and teacher because I cant frame a good sentence to express my problem. But teacher help me in each and every step of my problems that I faced. In middle of the semester, I understand more English and I started asking question regarding my problems to my teacher; the problems were solve in clear and effective way and I handle easily. I came to know while I learn English everything will be possible and easy if we keep on working with full of nterest.

In my experience one of the best ways to learning Is speak with your friends ,wrltlng in blog and read loudly. I am not really good writer and reader because I speak and think In Malay. When I

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have a problem I talk and discuss with friends and teacher to know the correct answer and when I know the answer I keep on working on It for my experience in future. In addition, Class discussion became good source to learn lots of different idea to express the thought. I am very much sure if we give full concentration with interest on it we can definitely, learn lots of vocabulary and ecome a good writer and speaker.

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