English language

6 June 2017

Proficiency The Critical Link to Reading Comprehension Let’s Talk About It! Supports Oral Language Development with ELLS Our Changing Population The number of ELLS attending U. S. schools has grown exponentially, and this trend will continue. According to the 2000 census, 9 million children between the ages of 5-17 speak a language other than English at home. Approximately 44% of all ELLS are currently in preK-3 grade classrooms.

Previously teachers did not have to think about the rate of speech, choice of words, and the strategic use of language. These critical ssues must be addressed. Research Support Educators are coming to see the importance of oral language acquisition and its impact on success in school. Researchers such as, Betty Hart and Todd R. Risley, child psychologists at the University of Kansas, have conducted intensive research on language acquisition and school success of children from socio economic or working class families as compared to children whose parents were professionals.

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When all variables were accounted for, increased oral language development and subsequent school success came down to one simple factor”the number of words parents spoke o the child, not surprisingly, the kinds of words and statements that each child heard varied by class. The kinds of conversations parents and teachers have with students matters! Encouraging and increasing complex language spoken to a child increase their oral language acquisition, which in early childhood correlate strongly to increased I.

Q. and academic success (Chard, 2006). Many children arrive at elementary school with strong oral language due to their prior five years of listening and speaking the English language. They are able to communicate basic ideas and feelings clearly. However, many other students come to school with limited or no English language acquisition, although they more than likely possess some level of oral language proficiency in their native language.

It is these children that benefit the most from daily, explicit, and intentional oral language development. Mondo’s Program Research: Mondo’s Research Support Effects on English Language Learners Since 1998, Mondo instigated multiple, third-party evaluative studies (quasi- experimental, experimental and matched evaluations) One of these studies looked at the impact of Mondo’s BEL BOOKSHOP Program on ohorts of schools in three urban school districts. The study was conducted by two universities (Hill, Jaggar, 2002).

Hill conducted further analysis of these data to demonstrate the impact of the treatment on elementary school English Language Learners. The findings were substantial and educationally important (Hill, 2003). The study showed that ELL students started behind levels of all other students in the Kindergarten grade, but then quickly caught up in their second year of schooling. While a lower percentage ot Kindergarten ELL students met the year-end minimum reading text level, when compared with all other Kindergarten students.

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