English Michael

6 June 2017

Early on in his career Michael was presented with moderate success, but he was still unproven in the playoffs. The NBA soon learned that Jordan was the most dominant player on the court. He earned the MVP award in 1988, 1991, and 1992, while cruising through the Finals and winning three consecutive NBA championships (1992-1993). He led the NBA in scoring for 7 consecutive seasons. In less than five years, Michael turned around a declining Chicago Bulls team, Into one of the NBA’s greatest franchises.

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However midway hrough Jordan’s career, several life changing obstacles came about. In 1993, right after his third NBA championship, Michael’s father, James Jordan was murdered in his car in North Carolina. The shocking tragedy devastated Michael and to honor his father he decided to quit basketball and play baseball. The entire basketball world was shocked. Many crltlcs disagreed with the choice, but Michael was determined to do what his he and his father walked about. After one mediocre season with the minor league Birmingham Barons, Michael ultimately decided to return to basketball nd to the Bulls.

Many fans were excited to see the return of the greatest to ever do It. After the death of his father and his attempt at baseball, Jordan chose to return to his true passion, basketball, and to continue his record breaking career. After his return to basketball, he led the Bulls to a 70-win season and a return to the Finals in breaking Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s record. After six NBA championships, Michael decided to retire from basketball. However he still had the passion and motivation to play the game.

Michael then returned again to basketball, this time with the Washington Wizards. After two unsuccessful seasons, at age 40, Michael decided to retire for good. In his final game, he scored the final shot against the 76ers. Michael Jordan ended his career with 32,292 points, the 3rd highest in NBA history. Although many say he tarnished his career by playing with the Wizards, his leadership, successful career and personal motivation cannot be dismissed. Michael changed the way basketball was played and gave outstanding amounts of wisdom to younger players.

Michael was most known for his offensive skills, but he taught others the undamentals of great defense. He was the definition of a franchise player, bringing success and fame to the Chicago Bulls who became the enemy of every NBA team. He was also a member of the Olympic Dream Team that received the Gold Medal in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in Spain. Off the court, Michael set up his own charity foundations, and helps out poor children in violent neighborhoods like Chicago. He was never in any real altercations with the law which led to him becoming the ideal model citizen to represent the NBA.

The most inspirational and energetic player in he NBA never lost the thirst to succeed and the will to win. MJ will go down in history as the definition of competition at its best. Through tough times and tragedy, Michael never gave up and continued on. The reason for Michael Jordan’s success has been nothing but faith, consistency and hard work towards his dreams. His will to win, at any cost, has motivated many athletes and non-athletes alike to set goals for themselves and to reach them. He will always be known as an example of greatness. His story inspires me to never give upon on my dreams.

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