English Only Amendment

4 April 2015
An argument against an “English Only Amendment” in the U.S.

The writer explores the possibility of the United States adopting an “English Only” policy and uses several court cases to illustrate why it would not be feasible.
“An English only amendment in the United States would only isolate the nation from the rest of the world. Currently with the globalization process occurring the world is becoming more homogenized. Nations that never before communicated are now communicating openly and honestly (Briscoe, 1998). The nations of the world are sharing their cultures and finding things to celebrate about their very diversity. The international trade market has opened and widened its horizons and nations are trading with each other in ways that they never have before in history (Briscoe, 1998). To adopt an English only amendment at this time would impede and stunt the growth of America’s international trade industry. A recent controversy over the possibility of an English only amendment adoption occurred in Puerto Rico (Briscoe, 1998). The idea was presented with a ten-year phase in clause.”

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