English-Only Initiatives

4 April 2015
This is a persuasive essay that discusses the advantages of teaching solely in the English language in the U.S.

This paper discusses the pros and cons of teaching solely in English in the United States. The author explains how the advantages convince us that we should adopt instruction in English nationwide in order to live up to our reputation as a land of equality among our residents. The paper also discusses how teaching in languages alienates English speakers from non-English speakers.

From the paper:

“In the United States, we residents are well known for our diversity and ability to accept many different things. The battle over the most effective way to teach our children has resulted in an ongoing debate between teaching in the English language or bilingual education. Not only has bilingual education been a failure in many parts of the country, but also a waste of precious financial resources.

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The prevailing language in the U.S. is English, and it has worked well to keep the country united. With a high number of diverse cultures cohabiting, the assortment of languages has served to promote ethnic elitism. Those who do not speak English fluently are incessantly among lower social classes.”

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