English Speech – After The First Death

6 June 2016

English speech Good morning, teachers and year 11’s, Identity is one of the main themes in the novel ‘After the First Death’ by Robert Cormier. Identity defined is the individual characteristics by which a thing or person is recognized or known by. Throughout the book, Kate, the main character is constantly changing her emotions and the way she acts showing her different sides. When the main character, Kate appears, She is said to be ‘silent’. This tells the reader, that she does not want to confront the terrorists, which also brings us to the point that Kate is not a very brave person. When the reader first meets Kate it had said that,” She regarded then in shocked silence, mouth agape, eyes wide open with disbelief.”

This tells the reader that she is terrified and scared. The central theme of self identity is presented multiple times through main characters such as Kate. She struggles with finding her true identity and becoming brave. My visual representation represents how Kate and the children on the bus are pure and superior to Miro and artkin.

English Speech – After The First Death Essay Example

The black and white are conflicting colours and white rocks show that the children and Kate are pure and the black shows Miro and Atkin. The black represents the colours of the balaclavas and the colour of Miro’s skin. The black also is a less superior colour than white, representing that the children and Kate are more important. The ratio of white to black rocks demonstrations that there more innocent characters than immoral characters in the novel. The jar is the thing that all the characters have in common; they are trapped in this and cannot get out. This represents the situation they are all in. Wanting to get out but cant. Thankyou…

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