Enough About You

1 January 2018

In this article narcissism is being discussed. Narcissism fuels drive and ambition, it is a desire to be recognized for one’s accomplishments. Unfortunately narcissism takes over someone’s personality.

This will impair individual’s ability to form normal relationships. A lot of problems in the world today come from people wanting to be in charge. Some don’t know how to work well with others and get a big head thinking they know it all.Having the most power is the main goal for many people in the world today. It seems like nobody wants to work together anymore, it’s always about who can outdo the other. This would be a good article for people with big egos. Certain people should know it isn’t all about them and other people notice the things they do.

When someone acts this way it makes them a difficult person to work with, which results in problems with the media, other employees, etc.

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This article would be good for those wanting to be in hare in certain Jobs.This article could show those how they should act and not to let their Job go to their heads. I believe there is some emotion behind this article. Therefore this would be a pathos article. I feel the author has had to deal with a certain situation like this and she is emotional about it. She has either witnessed it first hand or seen things In the media about narcissists.

There is also some logical appeal In this article since she talks about the state’s budget and the economy.

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