Enrollment System

1 January 2017

Background of the Study In the last several years, Dasmarinas City had several colleges and vocational schools, but no affordable private school to call its own. Only few parents could afford to send their children to the nearest private schools 10 or more kilometers away from the city. These parents believed in the values of private school education so they clamored for the opening.

As the years go by, structure improvements took place, the school built 3 branches; Tanza which iss the main branch, General Trias and now in Dasmarinas City. The private vocational school offers 2-year courses like Information Technology, Business Outsourcing Management and Hotel and Restaurant Management. Dasmarinas Branch currently has 300 students and more students are enrolling. It has 30 staff which includes the administration, registrar, accounting, instructors and maintenance. Enrollment system plays a very important role in the school because all transactions needed are done there.

Enrollment System Essay Example

The current enrollment system of the school still uses manual method which takes a lot of time and effort. In order to solve this kind of slow action, an automated enrollment system offers easier and faster transactions. 1. 2 Statement of the Problem 1. 2. 1 General Problem The main problem is that the current enrollment system of the school uses manual method which resulted to slow transactions. 1. 2. 2 Specific problem The following are the specific problems in the manual enrollment system.

Enrollment transactions such as retrieving information, processing of filled-up enrollment forms, assessing and computing of tuition fees which consumes a lot of time. 2. Difficulty in managing data and information. It is hard to manage and search papers and files in cabinets where you put the student information. 3. Inability to provide faster and more reliable updates. It is difficult to update student information with a long manual process method. It takes a lot of time and pressure. 4. Very prone to inaccuracy when it comes to providing data reports.

Information loss and failure to back-up files when a power interruption or a natural disaster occurs because backing-up files is only done usually after office hours. 1. 3 Objective 1. 3. 1 General Objective The main objective of the project is to provide an automated enrollment system for the school so that all transactions get easier and faster, more reliable, organized and secured. 1. 3. 2Specific Objective The following are the list of specific objectives of the project: 1. To provide faster enrollment transactions such as retrieving information, processing of filled-up enrollment forms, assessing and computing of tuition fees.

It can be accomplished by the features of the system which includes gathering of information, registration of students, payments and assessment. 2. To provide ease in managing of data and information. All the data gathered from the students are being inputted into the database which can be managed and organized easily. 3. To give faster and more reliable updates on the students information. All information stored in the database can be easily updated and should provide more reliable information. 4. To provide more accurate data reports.

All information stored in the database is secured and organized giving accuracy to data reports like Transcript of Records. 5. To back-up files anytime even every after transaction. 1. 4 Significance of the Study The automated enrollment system has significant roles to school operations which involve admission, registration, assessment and payments. The study will help and benefit the following persons: 1. School Management – The system will provide more structured and organized data reports that will help the school management improve their operations.

Employees – The system will help the employees to lessen their workload in some aspects involving various school transactions. 3. Students – The system will help the students in decreasing their time consumption in processing the registration forms. 4. Parents – Because of the fast and computerized system of enrollment, the parents will not wait for long in registration and enrolling their children.

In addition to backup process, activity and change, logs are useful for monitoring backup system events. The proposed system includes a default automatic backup every five minutes. However it can be altered and set into another time interval based from the user choice. It provides a back up on the database and restoration point to restore the previous backup database.

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