Enrollment System Thesis

2 February 2017

Local Enrolment database system for the College of Nursing, Western Mindanao State University Introduction This project looks at an Enrolment Database for a college. It stores details of students, courses,year, and section. It may also be use as local assessment of the college of nursing for their college fees. The database is designed for use by staff and other authorized user in the college office to enable them toeasily produce information required by the different people in the college.

ObjectivesThis study will help the Faculty and staffs of the College of Nursing of WMSU make enrolmenteasy by the help of the enrolment database system for the college of nursing. The database system willmake the enrolment and collection of fees for the college of nursing easy and fast. The Enrolment database system will store the data of the student this includes the name of thestudent, section, schedule, and college fees. The database system will allow the collector of the fees printa receipt exclusive for the college of nursing student.

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Scope and LimitationThis study aim to develop an enrolment database system for the college of nursing of westernMindanao state university, the data base limits on the following fields and functions: • It limits to store the data of the student(First name, Last name, MI, section, and year level) • It limits only for the collection of the local college fees. (CSB, Insurance, Digest, Red Cross, etc) • Only Authorized personnel will be allowed to use the system. (CSB officers [optional], Dean, and some authorized faculty/staff authorized by the dean tocollect

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