Enrollment System

5 May 2016

This project is a computerized Enrollment System for BSIT and BSCS program of Sumulong College of Arts and sciences which provide faster and more convenient of storing information of student enrollees in a computer system and it will lessen the effort of Registrar staff in storing files of each student during enrollment.

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It serves as Information for the students and professors but is designed for staff and other authorized user to produced information required to different people.

The idea behind an enrollment system is not new concept. Every year the student enrollees will increase, procedure of enrollment is become harder. This problem of enrollment will serve as reason to provide more easy way of enrollment system.

It will help to Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences to have a system of Enrollment process that will provide an organized storing of enrollment requirements for each student enrollees. 1.2Statement of the Problem

General Problem
The current system is a computerized enrollment system but it will not well organize in terms of subject s, courses and monitoring number of student enrolled for every subject.

Specific problem
1.How could the proposed system organize the subjects of each student? 2.How does the student access the system to monitor the entire subjects? 3.How could the system be reliable in record handling?

1.4 Significance of the Study
Today computers provide convenience to its user through easier and faster way of works. The generation of high technology tools and equipment are substituted the work of every workers. This proposed system will provide faster and easier of retrieving and managing student records.

Educational Significance
This system serves as the future reference for the students undergo the study about the Enrollment system. Economical Significance This system will minimize the time and energy of registrar staff for accepting student enrollees. It may also help to reduce the usage of papers or other materials used in keeping records of students. Technological Significance

Although we are now in high technology generation that every works are performed easier and faster. This proposed system is using new technology to meet the requirement of user to provide convenient way of work.

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