Entre a Mi Mundo by Selena

9 September 2019

Enter My World of Cumbia

Nearly twenty years since Selena’s departure, her style of Cumbia mixes remain in today’s culture, introduced in Entre a Mi Mundo, which debuted in ‘92, when Selena Quintanilla was nearly at the pinnacle of her career. Translating into Enter My World, the album features hit songs Las Cadenas (The Chains), ranchero mix La Carcacha (The Old Car), and the heart-wrenching ballad known as Selena’s trademark hit, Como la Flor (Like the Flower). Known as the first album of the singer’s that wasn’t titled “Selena y los Dinos.”
Upon listening to the album, I was quite pleased with the emotion (something an english listener of spanish songs mainly look for) in ?Que Creias? (What You Think?), which even inspired me to shed a few tears. But, the first track disappointed me based off of emotion put into the performance, which I felt to be deceiving, thinking that it’s an upbeat, feel-good song, but when the lyrics are translated, depressing is the first thing to come to mind. I wonder why the tempo couldn’t slow just a taste, and why the delivery of the song doesn’t match the mood.
I was relieved that none of the songs are straight up Tejano or Cumbia, with the annoying accordion and tuba accompanied by an acoustic guitar, which I feel epitomizes the stereo-type that all “Mexican music sound the same.” There is no song, as far as I can tell on this album, that sounds alike. Each song is infused with a style of a techno-pop synthesizer that reminds me of Madonna (Amame), and R&B that complement the traditional Mariachi, Caribbean, Ranchero, and Cumbia. I despise the fact that nearly all ten tracks of songs on Entre a Mi Mundo have a basic one-two one-two beat that is continuous throughout the album. This continuous tapping of the drum caused my head to throb in sync with the tempo, and makes dancing very limited. There really is no way to not notice, especially if listening to the whole album in one sitting.
Entre a Mi Mundo is worthwhile to listen to, especially since the album came out during an influential time that opened doors for women to take part in Tejano, and become a part of variety. I believe that Selena was influential for many Latina women in the world, and her styles of music and performance show up even in today’s culture in artists like Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez. The constant variety kept me on my toes and swaying in my chair, disappointed and slightly melancholy when the last song played.

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