Entrepreneurial Law

One way to do this is to form study groups. The addresses of students in your area may be obtained from the following department: Directorate: Student Administration and Registration PO Box 392 UNISA 0003 If you need a list of the names of fellow students in your region, please contact the Unisa Student Support Centre at the numbers listed in your myStudies @ Unisa brochure.

You can also find information on the various student support systems and services available at Unisa (e. g. student counselling, tutorial classes, language support) in this brochure. Please note: myUnisa is not online tuition for individual students, but meant for interaction between students and lecturers on tuition matters. Students can use discussion forums on myUnisa to communicate with other students and in the process obtain information and even solve tuition-related problems.

Lecturers will monitor student communication and react on these from time to time. Lectures may participate in forum discussions, make announcements and put information on myUnisa or have discussion forums on certain days and times when so arranged with students. Students who want individual tuition support must contact their lecturers by telephone, email or post mail. As a registered student for this module, it is advisable that you try to access myUnisa and the course site at least several times a month during the course.

We follow a blended learning approach in this course. This means that you will receive study guides, as well as other paper-based resources and an online component in myUnisa where you can participate in discussion forums and access some additional online resources. Your online participation in this course is voluntary. Students who cannot participate will not be at a disadvantage or be penalised in any way. Purpose of online discussion forums in this module

The discussion forum provides you with opportunities where you can: discuss and clarify critical issues in the subject area share experiences and ideas with peers and lecturers solve problems collaboratively debate topical issues raise critical questions about the topic under discussion introduce the most recent developments in the subject area receive immediate feedback on assignments have access to additional resources for this course have access to additional links related to other topics in this subject.

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