Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

2 February 2017

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Context 1. Introduction 2. Literature Review 3. A review of relevant material related to the selected entrepreneur. 4. Analysis 5.

Conclusion 6. References 1. Introduction Nowadays, businesses are facing development problems. Problems are included: the competitors, management system, leadership and so on. For entrepreneurs, the leadership is an essential leadership quality. It is not only an idea or a reality. Leadership is relating to not only the individual, but also the social.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Essay Example

An entrepreneur will not be able to manage his company and staff if he has not good leadership. Similar, he is also unable to accommodate changeful environment market. This means that, even though you hold some good staffs and excellent physical conditions, however, you cannot develop and use these resources. IBM is a historic and very good company, and its product distribute hundred countries. Recalling the history of IBM’s growth, there is a very important person, he is Thomas Watson, Jr, the second-generation president of IBM.

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