Entrepreneurship review

8 August 2016

A company’s ability to productively utilize its assets relative to its revenue and its profits is referred to as:  7) Southwest Airlines uses its assets very productively. Its turnaround time, or the time that its airplanes sit on the ground while they are being loaded and unloaded, is the lowest in the airline industry. In terms of the primary financial objective of a firm, this attribute is a measure of Southwest’s:  8) … are projections for future periods based on forecasts and are typically completed for two to three years into the future.

Which of the following reasons that motivate firms to seek funding or financing is illustrated in this example? 30) Peter Simmons owns an electronic games company. Although Peter’s game designers and programmers are very good, it takes 2-3 years to develop a good electronic game. This example illustrates the need for funding or financing referred to as:31) According to our textbook, the seed money that gets a company off the ground typically comes from.

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Jason Graham’s startup, which is in the electronics industry, was launched on January 1, 2009. However, prior to its formal launch, Jason spent many hours working on his business, particularly during the feasibility analysis stage. The time and effort that entrepreneurs put into their venture, that can’t be easily measured from a financial point of view, is referred to as: 33) According to the textbook, beyond their own funds, the second source of funds for many new ventures is:  34) Amy Clark just opened a soup and salad restaurant near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

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