Environment Pollution in Dhaka City

6 June 2017

In recent time, the area of Dhaka city is about 1353 sq. km. This mega city has become the hub of the nation’s industrial, commercial, cultural, educational and political activities. Today’s Dhaka has a long story of evolution. The Present Condition of Dhaka: Dhaka is the 9th largest city, and one of the most densely populated cities in the world. In current, the population of Dhaka city is near 2 corers. Hence, the condition of Dhaka City is going to be bad to worse on the view of living condition.

Every day we face different types of problems such as water crisis problem, gas problem, ccommodation problem, security problem, load shading problem, traffic Jam, sound pollution problem, overpopulation problem, air pollution problem, environment pollution problem, garbage problem, sanitation problem, transport problem, land pollution problem, roads problem etc. which are the key causes behind to be bad to worse condition of Dhaka City. The people are becoming crazy, and children are not getting a healthy environment in order to grow up properly in the city.

Environment Pollution in Dhaka City Essay Example

In these circumstances, if the condition remain same for a long time, the future condition of Dhaka city shall be dangerous. These problems are increasing day by day. These problems cannot be solved in a day. So we must follow different rules and regulations to solve these problems. In our view, as soon as possible, if Bangladesh govt. will take a robust plan; the dreadful condition of Dhaka City may be eliminated. At the same time, the people of Dhaka can also act a vital role in order to make the city healthy as well as wealthy.

With the development of technology, over consumption and inadequate emissions of waste have a considerable impact on the air, water, forest and wildlife which leads to various problems to human life. This essay will give an overview of the sources as well as the negative impacts of those problems and possible solutions for the problem.: Water crisis problem is a great problem in Dhaka city. The problem cannot solve in a stop the misuse of water. After using the water we should stop the taps, fountains etc. after filling the tangs we should stop the stitch of connecting lines. We should be conscious to use the water. Our government should take proper steps to control the waste of the water

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