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9 September 2017

Epic Works Essay, Research Paper

Epic Works

Epic poems by definition are long narrative verse forms, that are expansive in both subject

and manner ( Webster 417 ) . They normally involve actions of great glorification and are

typically centered around historical or legendary events of universal

significance. Most heroic poems trade with the workss of a individual person, nevertheless,

it is non uncommon to hold more than one chief character. Epic poems embody several

chief characteristics including: supernatural forces, sometimes the divinity of the clip,

that shape the action ; conflicts or other signifiers of physical combat ; and a formal

statement of the subject of the heroic poem. Everyday inside informations of life are platitude

and elaborately woven into the background of each narrative in the same palatial

manner as the remainder of the verse form.

Epic verse forms are non simply entertaining narratives of legendary or historical

heroes ; they summarize and express the nature or ideals of an full state at a

important or important point in its history. I have chosen for comparing the

Odyssey, The Divine Comedy, and Paradise Lost.

The Odyssey, attributed to Homer is about Odysseus, the male monarch of Ithaca,

who sailed with his ground forces to take portion in war against Troy. After 10 old ages of

war, triumph is declared and the ground forcess of Odysseus have sailed for place. As

the Odyssey begins, an extra 10 old ages have passed since the autumn of Troy

and Odysseus still has non returned to his place. The Lords have converged on

his castle seeking the manus of his lovely married woman, Penelope. However, Penelope

garbages their progresss taking to stay faithful to Odysseus.

During the 10 old ages of his absence since the autumn of Troy, Odysseus has

traveled the universe set abouting many incredible escapades and tests set upon

him by the God Poseidon. Throughout his travels he along with his work forces sailed to

many unusual lands. These great escapades included flim-flaming Polyphemus a

Cyclops by being & # 8220 ; cipher & # 8221 ; ( Norton 320 ) , sailing to the terminal of the universe and

falling into Hell ( Norton 340 ) , successfully combating Scylla, a six-headed

monster that devoured go throughing mariners ( Norton 361 ) and eventually, go throughing safely

around a awful vortex ( Norton 366 & # 8211 ; 367 ) .

During his descent into Hell, Odysseus meets a sear who foretells that his

rovings would non stop until peace is made with Poseidon. This sear besides

Tells him that he will return place and re-establish himself as male monarch.

Finally as the Odyssey concludes, Odysseus does return place to a house and

state in convulsion. His married woman is besieged by suers, his boy is now a adult adult male

and his state is confronting certain civil war. In the concluding Acts of the Apostless, order is

restored with the aid of the goddess Athene.

In Dante & # 8217 ; s heroic poem, The Divine Comedy, he tells of a journey through snake pit,

purgatory, and heaven. This heroic poem is divided into three subdivisions. In each of

the subdivisions he meets with fabulous, historical, and modern-day

persons. Each single encountered during the journey represents a

spiritual or political symbol of mistake or virtuousness. In add-on, specific

penalties and wagess are associated with each mistake and virtuousness. Dante utilizations

each penalty and wages to exemplify the larger significance of human actions in

the cosmopolitan program.

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Eden Lost is considered by some to be one of the greatest verse forms in

universe literature and most surely John Milton & # 8217 ; s chef-d’oeuvre. In its 12 cantos

Milton tells the narrative of the autumn of Adam and the loss of Paradise. Satan has

been expelled from Eden with his fallen angels. In Hell, Satan formulates a

program to happen the new creative activities God has made & # 8211 ; adult male and adult female. Meanwhile, God

Tells his Son that Satan will be successful in perverting adult male. But because, adult male

was tricked by Satan, adult male will be given grace if person in Eden will decease for

adult male & # 8217 ; s wickedness.

To carry through his program, Satan tempts Eve in a dream. The following forenoon Eve

suggests that she and Adam work individually that twenty-four hours. Gradually she is persuaded

by Satan, who has taken the signifier of a snake, to eat of the Tree of Knowledge.

Recognizing her folly, Eve portions the fruit with Adam, who besides eats it. This is

considered the autumn of adult male.

In Heaven God tells of the concluding triumph of the Son over Sin and Death.

This heroic poem is told in a context of extended play utilizing profound guesss.

Milton & # 8217 ; s chief end was to & # 8220 ; warrant the ways of God to men. & # 8221 ; ( Norton 2179 )

All three plants are long narrative verse forms that are expansive both in subject and

manner carry throughing the basic definition of an heroic poem. Of the three heroic poems merely the

Odyssey involved actions of great glorification by the cardinal hero. In the Divine

Comedy and Paradise Lost, the chief characters are non contending monsters or

overreaching Cyclops. Dante walks through Hell, and views the destiny of adult male, Adam

and Eve are manipulated by God and Satan but are non Gods nor do they hold god-

like qualities. The influence of the occult is an outside force in the

Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost. In the Odyssey, Odysseus possesses many god-

like qualities himself.

The cardinal subject of each heroic poem is slightly different. In the Odyssey, the

cardinal subject seems to be Odysseus against the universe. He stands the trial

through resistance by the Gods, other work forces, and the forces of nature. In the

Divine Comedy, Dante, a normal adult male, takes a walk through the many degrees of snake pit,

showing the religion of mediaeval Christianity. Paradise Lost, by Milton is

merely a representation of the ideals of medieval Christian rational.

Though each work is classified as an heroic poem, they portion merely a few of the

basic traits of an heroic poem verse form. However, more than anything each provides penetration

into the ideas and beliefs of people in our history. These heroic plants take

us on an fanciful ocean trip ; one through the astonishing journeys of a individual adult male, one

through an fanciful trip through snake pit in which the political and philosophical

idea of the clip can be experienced, and one through an history of a

spiritual idea for that twenty-four hours. All of these heroic poems serve to remind us that no

affair how far world has come, we still have a long manner to travel in our journey

be it religious or earthly.

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