Epistemology Essay Research Paper In Philosophy many

9 September 2017

Epistemology Essay, Research Paper

In Philosophy, many minds search for the nature and evidences of human cognition. We call this country of survey Epistemology. Two of import epistemic philosophers are Friedrich Nietzsche and Charles Sanders Peirce. Nietzsche & # 8217 ; s work has had a permanent captivation for many, and has developed an about cult following although his work has found small significance among fellow academicians. Peirce began his doctrine when he retired. His attack to knowledge is that of the pragmatists. They feel cognition is in portion a societal merchandise, intending that we use our mind to entertain ourselves in a society. Both philosophers have their ain positions on the nature of cognition, and methods for deriving cognition. This essay will research the alone methods and positions of both.

Nietzsche does non experience that human cognition is a fantastic thing. His position is besides really matter-of-fact. Nietzsche views our cognition as more of a tool.

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The gap of his essay & # 8220 ; On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense & # 8221 ; begins with a comparing of the creative activity of the solar system and adult male & # 8217 ; s knowledge, to the prostration of the Sun and world & # 8217 ; s death. This long stretch of clip was summed up in three sentences. No description was put into the thought of cognition. For many, cognition is so expansive and complicated that it could ne’er be wholly explained. Obviously, Nietzsche feels that we are the lone things that would put any value on our cognition. If we could pass on with other animate beings, he feels they would experience the same sense of ego. Nietzsche & # 8217 ; s view on the nature of our mind is that it is our agencies of being. We use our mind for endurance. A king of beasts is the male monarch of the jungle with its sheer power and razor crisp Fangs. Amazingly a homo could kill a king of beasts. Using the mind to develop tools to repress the big animal. If we were non a smart species, the big jaws of infinite animate beings would hold wiped us out long ago. In our modern universe, our mind still is our defence tool. Now we use it to suit in socially for our amusement. Now to last we invented tools like lying, flattery, and misrepresentation. Clearly Nietzsche does non put a high value on mind. He tells us that your intellect even deceives yourself, at dark in your dreams, and you can make nil about it. Nietzsche farther demonstrates his value of truth by stating it is a amount of human dealingss that have been enhanced and embellished. We search for truth as an duty to society. Nietzsche places small value on our mind, and sees it as tool that we have used excessively much.

Peirce offers a more optimistic, yet matter-of-fact, position on the nature of know

shelf. Peirce feels that we all have our beliefs. He says our beliefs steer our desires and determine our actions. As worlds we feel more comfy when we are free of uncertainty. Doubt being the antonym of belief once more. When we enter a province of uncertainty, the annoyance causes a battle to achieve a province of belief. Peirce says uncertainty leads to inquiry, which leads to belief. Peirce has really specific methods, for repairing our beliefs. These are the actions taken to acquire back into the province of belief. In the method of scientific discipline, we use ground and mention to facts and experiences. Just like it sounds, you can prove your uncertainties easy. An illustration would be that you believe you can wing. To prove this you jump off your porch. Quickly you learn if you stay in the uneasy province of uncertainty, or return to the unagitated province of belief. The following method, a priori method, is the philosopher’s method. It is the nature of the procedure to believe what we want to. This method is more delighting due to believing what you want without fact or ground. For case, person could state you have a nice haircut, so you likely will believe it. The method of authorization is non as honoring. In this public method your beliefs are fixed for you by force. The province has control over these beliefs. Although it does non sound good, it is a good thing. If person believes they should get down killing everyone, so thier beliefs need to be fixed by the province. The last method is Peirce’s favorite. The method of doggedness, as its name suggests, is the method of the persistent and the stubborn. This method is a private method, which allows you to hang on to your belief. A good illustration might be faith. Peoples tend to keep on to their spiritual beliefs all their life. No affair what happens many people will non abandon their beliefs. Peirce’s method for repairing belief is really appropriate for his belief on the nature of cognition. As a pragmatist he views cognition as a tool. His method of repairing beliefs are tools of the head for the head.

Both philosophers have really different sentiments, sing both are epistemolgical and matter-of-fact. Nietzsche has a much more pessimistic position of the human mind. Peirce attempt & # 8217 ; s to explicate what we do when we are in uncertainty. Both offer some challenging ideas about the nature of cognition. I liked Peirce & # 8217 ; s essay. I think he is right that we struggle to be in a province of beliefs. He translated a really specific procedure that I agree that we all go through. Nietzsche was besides really insightful. I agree with his sentiment that the human mind is our survival tool. However I disagree with his deficiency of regard for the human idea. I think it is a really luxuriant system that is a miracle of creative activity.

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