6 June 2017

Try to imagine a life of fear, being scared to live in certain areas or move across the country, all because of traits you are simply born with and which you cannot choose. A life like this is exactly what those living in a community containing racist and homophobic people feel. These people must live with fear and the knowledge of the torment that they may endure when they step outside of their own home, a place where one should always feel safe. In the 1980s, Journalists and policy advocates devised the term now known as a “hate crime” (“Hate Crime”).

Although these ournalists coined this term to describe occurrences directed at those of a Jewish race, Asians, and African-Americans, the Federal Bureau of Investigation defines it as a crime, not only based on race, but also on religion and sexual orientation (“Hate Crime”). A crime committed based on bias against race or sexual orientation is a hate crime and is not classified as terrorism. In 1776, a group of five men including Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin drafted a statement of the colonies’ intents for independence from Britain.

Equality Essay Example

This document was formally mplemented on July 4, 1776 by congress as the Declaration of Independence, which is now renowned as the birth of independence. As drafted by Thomas Jefferson, the famous Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal. ” However, if true, why is it that this terror still exists in the lives of some? Although it is said that all men are created equal, this, in fact, is not true, for crimes based on the offender’s bias against a man’s race, religion, or sexual orientation exist to this day.

The Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal;” this tatement may have several meanings due to its own historical background. What is the exact meaning behind this idea of all men being equal? Is it political or moral equality that Jefferson meant to portray? Perhaps, Jefferson was trying to explain how each and every person, man or woman, black or white, gay or straight, is born no politically higher, no more important, than any other.

However, maybe he was attempting to make sense of how each of us is human and morally everyone stands the same. However, this equality may go deeper than this. For Jefferson and many of ur Founding Fathers, the phrase “… that all men are created equal… ” really meant that “all free, property-owning males are created equal” (“The Meaning”). Jefferson most likely wished to portray that we the people are all, in a sense, of equal worth than one another, however, he did not. Jefferson only saw men equal if they were a white male with money.

All are created moral equals (“Terms”). This does not display a sense that one should not be Judged or discriminated against, no matter the god they do or do not believe in, the gender in which they find themselves loving, or the olor of one’s skin, as one may think. The moral equality of mankind was a principle of third century B. C. (Before Christ; used to indicate a date which was before the Christian era) philosophers, while the knowledge of political equality was established in seventeenth-century England.

The ideas of moral equality were spread by those under the Christian belief system and were thought that God saw everyone as an equal and each and every person has an eternal soul. These ideas in a sense meant that all people are equal worth and equal Racism is a huge example of how men are in fact not equal. Racist crimes come in many forms, but what is the reason behind such violent acts? According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, race is the most common motivating factor in hate crimes with 61 percent a result of racism. 0 percent of which were targeted at African Americans, and although it may not seem as common, 30 percent were whites being targeted (“What”). Minorities, like that of African American persons, have been looked down upon by much of the ignorant type that exists in societies all over the world. How a single human being, and many times group, could hate one for the color of heir skin, as well as cause much pain to these “undesirables,” is a very controversial topic.

These hate crimes are not always violent, for the level of hatred may vary within each different crime. These crimes are committed by offenders who have different variations in typology, the study of types or symbols. The most common type is those of the thrill-seeking types who are motivated by a desire for excitement (“What”). The second most common is that of a defensive type; these offenders believe they are protecting themselves as well as their neighborhood from “outsiders’ (“What”).

Lastly, the two most dangerous, not as common, offender types are those of the Retaliatory, acting in response to a hate crime, and Mission, so strongly dedicated to bigotry that they make hate somewhat of a career (“What”). Racist crimes vary from hate symbols, such as swastikas, to the slaughtering of those minority members looked down upon. These hate crimes based on race have not Just recently started. Hate crimes against those, like African Americans, have been happening for quite a long time. Slavery may have been one of the most overlooked forms of hate.

Enslavement was successful due to the belief that African Americans were less fully human than white Europeans and their offspring (“Racism”). African Americans were put to work for whites and had no choice but to live a life of labor and abuse. When a black would not perform to the liking of the “master” they were beaten and whipped. Escape was not an option; if caught the punishment changed from whipping to a death penalty. They were not viewed as important to these “higher ranked” whites and the slaves were treated as property.

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