4 April 2015
This paper is a critique of the play “Equus.”

This is an in-depth review of a production of the play “Equus.” It looks at every element involved in the production and execution of the play from the lighting, stage design, costumes, up to and including the level of the acting itself.
“The cold feeling was even emphasized by the actors. The actor that played Alan several times in the show wrapped his arms tightly against his body and rubbed them, like people do when they are cold. Alan’s father Frank Strang did a very good job seeming impersonal and distant to all of the other actors he encountered. The actors over all did a fairly good job, although in the beginning they did drop several lines. I was impressed at how well the actors in the horse costumes portrayed real horses. A horse tends to be moving a lot but with only subtle movements, and the actors did just that. It was also a great idea, in my opinion, to have cast come out of the audience because it in essence, bring the audience into the show. ”

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