Era of Good Feelings

1 January 2018

A great surge in national pride characterized the period from 1812 to 1824 known as the “Era of Good Feelings”. In the years before the war of 1 812, social and economic differences between the North and the South led to sectionalism.

The South was an agrarian society while the North developed an industrial society. The surge in national pride developed for many reasons. Military pride resulted from the defeat of the British at the Battle of New Orleans, and Monomer’s policies toward other countries as he stated in the Monroe Doctrine. The Hartford Convention helped to unify the country by developing the one party system.The establishment of the tariffs, the bringing back of the national bank and internal improvement were all part of the development of the American system. This was an important development in the surge of nationalism experienced in “The Era of Good Feelings”. Another development which contributed to a feeling of nationalism was the growth of American culture.

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Literature and lifestyle changes contributed to this cultural development. “The Era of Good Feelings” created substantial growth and better lifestyle for the American people; John C. Calhoun quotes, ‘I Let us, then, bind the republic together with a perfect system of roads and canals.Let us conquer space. ” (Doc. B) “The Era of Good Feelings”, as a result of the war of 1812, had a surge in national and military pride with a huge part on the Battle of New Orleans. She populace of America were celebrating holidays including the fourth of July with great military pride (Doc C) and this surely brought people together as a nation.

This great military pride resulted in a greater groom (Doc E) of the country (not just because of the victory of the war of 1 812) because Americans would have better military outputs on the war against Indians, rebelling settlements, and the idea of settling and maintaining the west.The principal gain for the United States was a renewed self-confidence and faith in the ability of its military to defend the nation’s freedom and honor. “Let us, then, bind the republic together with a perfect system of roads and canals” John Calhoun said (Doc 8). This statement is right at the beginning of “The Era of Good Feelings” which shows the seriousness of the control displayed by congress to better the lifestyle of the American people. Congress, however, still did not undertake supreme control of America, as they lost a trial regarding state banks in McCullough V.Maryland. “The powers of the general government, it has been said, are delegated by the states.

.. Who alone possess supreme domination” (Doc D). Overt political bitterness declined because the Federalists had largely solved and were no longer attacking the president or being attacked in return. The nation was politically united behind the Democratic-republican party. This change made the political aspect of America much more relaxed and let the American people get a clear head on what they really want in politics.In 1820 the presidential election was very much one-sided while just four years later, it was split very closely (Doc l).

“The Era of Good Feelings” was a period of time from 181 2 to around 1 824 that showed a substantial growth in American lifestyle including new roads Ewing built and funded for by congress, a surge of military pride from the end of the war of 1 812, the bringing back of the national bank and internal improvements, and the end of political warfare with the federalist party diminishing.These improvements in America altered the populace’s lifestyle so that they were more relaxed politically, they were more secure militarily and economically, and these changes aided to the growth of American culture during this time period. Overall, “The Era of Good Feelings” created a substantial growth and better lifestyle for the American people.

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