Erikson and the Wild Strawberries

10 October 2016

The first stage Borg goes through is integrity vs. despair, which is when he has a bad nightmare. In the nightmare, Borg is walking around town and no one is around, then all of a sudden, he hears a clock chiming, he looks at the clock and it does not have any hands. Borg then looks at his watch and he sees it does not have any hands either. All of a sudden Borg turns around there is a person standing there, so Borg walk over to him and turns him around, Borg learns that the man passes away then the blood starts running down the road.

Borg then sees a horse and buggy carrying a casket, when the horse stops Borg walks over to casket, when he does; he notices he knows that person. It was Borg in the casket; the he realizes he is afraid of dying alone. In the second scene, which is the departure scene, Borg wakes up and tells his housekeeper he wants to drive to the ceremony instead of flying. Borg and his housekeeper end up fighting because his housekeeper does not want to ride with him that far, so she is not going to go.

Marianna, Borg’s daughter in law asks if he would mind if she went with him. Borg and Marianna leave heading to the ceremony, where he is recognized for being a doctor for fifty years. They talk about why Marianna does not like his, and she tells him it is because he is cold and ruthless. In this scene you see the stage identity and identity confusion, because Borg does not see himself as the way Marianna explains the way his is. The third scene is in the strawberry patch, where Borg stops at the summerhouse his family would go to in the summer.

While Marianna off swimming Borg starts thinking about all the memories of the summers visiting at the house. In one of the memories, he remembers is his girlfriend Sara picking strawberries for their uncle. Borg’s brother Segfred comes up to Sara and starts flirting with her, in which she does not like. Segfred then kisses Sara and she gets very upset and runs in the house to get ready for the party. The stage you see in this scene is intimacy vs. isolation, which is because Borg loves Sara but his brother takes her away from him.

In the fourth scene is with the children in the strawberry patch. When Borg goes outside, he noticed a young woman who starts talking to him. The girls name is Sara she is with two people named Anders and Viktor. She asked Borg if they could have a ride to Lund, once Marinna comes back from swimming they all leave. Sara and Anders are a couple and Viktors is their chaperone because Sara’s father did not trust the couple to be alone. Borg and Sara get along really well, and he starts telling her about the Sara he used to love and how she married his brother.

In this scene you see the stage intimacy vs. isolation, because Borg likes the child Sara and he wants be to a good role model. In the fifth scene is the wreck. Borg was driving then all of a sudden; a car came around the curve and almost hit them. Borg runs off the road to avoid hitting the other car, when he does that his car flipped over. A couple gets out and they tell Borg it was their fault, they help Borg get his car back up on the road. Borg’s car would not run so he asked the couple of they all could get a ride with them, they say yes. Marianna is now driving.

The couple starts fighting and the woman hits her husband, Marianna tells the couple to get out that the children did not need to see that kind of stuff. As the couple gets out the woman says, “Can you please forgive us? ” In this scene, you see generatively vs. stagnation, which is because the couple’s relationship has stagnated and has not advanced. In the sixth scene is at the gas station, and the attended knows Borg from being his wife’s doctor for a long time. Borg and the attendant talk about how the attendant’s parents are doing and his wife is pregnant with a baby girl.

Borg starts to pay for his gas the attendant tells Borg not to worry about it, that it was on him. Borg again tries to pay for the gas and the attendant tells him something’s cannot be paid off, even with gas. In this, we see intimacy vs. isolation because the attendant’s family is friends with Borg and they all care about him. The seventh scene Borg is in a very good mood. He talks and laughs with Marianna, the brothers got into a discussion about god and death. The brothers ask Borg for his opinion and he told them that he did not want to talk about it.

Borg started reciting a poem when he could not remember the rest Marianna helped him finish it. Then he tell the children he wants to see his mother. You see in this scene the stage of generatively because he shows he cares a lot about the children. In the eighth scene, Borg’s mother thought that, Marianna was his wife and his mother did not like Marianna because she had caused too much trouble between him and his mother. Borg then explained that Marianna was his son’s wife. Borg’s mother started telling Marianna that she had ten children, Borg the only one living.

She also has twenty grandchildren and the only one that visits is Borg’s son Evald, and she has fifteen great grandchildren that she has never seen but sends them presents every birthday. Borg’s mother tells Marianna to get a box that has stuff from her children in it and they through the stuff, and she lets Borg have a picture. Then Borg’s mother pulls out a watch and it is the one from the dream with no hands and it belonged to his brother, Sigfred. In this scene, the stage is integrity vs. despair, because it shows wisdom between Borg and his mother but also the distance of his mother toward her children.

In this scene, Borg has three dreams. Borg goes the car and falls asleep and this is when the three dreams happen. The first dream he is sitting in the strawberry patch with Sara and she has a mirror, she keeps telling him to look in the mirror to see how old she is. Then she tells him he is too old and he will die alone, then she gets up to go get a baby. She tells the baby that there is nothing to fear that she will be there with him, and then she goes inside of a house. The second dream he goes to a house looks in the window and sees Sara and his brother.

Sara playing the piano and when she finishes the song they get up and go eat dinner. The third dream he looks back through the window and then decided to knock. When he knocks a man opens the window and takes into what seems to be a classroom, he is taking an exam and the teacher ask him to look through a microscope, and he sees nothing. The teacher asks Borg what the stuff on the board means and he cannot remember. Then the dream changes to a courtroom where he is convicted guilty, the judge asked him to diagnose the woman in the chair and Borg says she is dead.

The woman he said was dead starts laughing then the judge takes him into the woods to see a couple, the man assault the woman and judge tells him now that he saw that happen he will remember it forever. Then he wakes up. This scene shows intimacy vs. isolation stage because it shows how Borg loves Sara but he ends up alone. In the tenth scene Marianna, tell Borg that she left Evald because she is pregnant and he did not want the baby, and if she wanted to stay with him, she had to get rid of the baby. The only reason she is going back is to tell Evald that she wants the baby, and she rather have that than the love of her life.

Then the kid gave Borg some flowers for being a wonderful doctor. In this scene, the stages being presented are generatively vs. stagnation it is because Marianna willing to leave the love of her life to have her unborn child. The eleventh scene Borg and Marianna make it to Lund, Borg finds out his housekeeper came after and that they are staying in Evalds house. Surprisingly Marianna and Evald make up, then the ceremony starts, and Borg is recognized. This is the last stage and it is integrity vs. despair because all of Borg wisdom.

The finally scene Borg is getting ready for bed and he is talking to his housekeeper, he tries to be nice to her. When she leaves, Evald comes upstairs with Marianna and they are going to a party. Borg tells Evald that he does not have to pay the loan back the he lent to him; this scene also shows integrity vs. despair because all of Borg wisdom had grown. This is what I gathered on book The Life Cycle Completed and the move Wild Strawberries. What happened in the movie are great examples of what Erikson was talking about in his book, and the way they follow with each other.

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