Ernest Hemingway

Discusses the life of author Ernest Hemingway. Examines how Hemingway’s experiences informed his novels & how he portrayed himself autobiographically in them.

Ernest Hemingway led a life filled with both adventure and drama, which would ultimately lead him to write about these experiences in his works. Hemingway is hailed for his genuineness, in that what he wrote was most often personally experienced, so the material was owned as opposed to being randomly created, his perceptions of which will be discussed. Ernest Hemingway was a master craftsman who is universally lauded for creating a new style and setting a new direction in American prose. Hemingway received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954, just a year after having won the Pulitzer Prize. (Garrigues 59) Hemingway lived during tumultuous times of war, having served himself, and thus his writing reflects this darker sense of reality. His service in the First World War on the Italian front would give him his inspiration for the book A Farewell to Arms while his many friends from the war would provide the inspiration for many of his other stories.

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